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This is a comprehensive list of places I’ve been in Richmond that I really loved!
I always tell people that if they’ve never been to Richmond and/or are considering UR, they should visit Carytown or The Fan for the experience! Some of these are found in those locations but aren’t specified.

Cafe Cattura- Similar to Panera
Burger Bach- One of the best burger places in Richmond
The Daily- A UR favorite: something for everyone
Bookbinder- One of the nicest and most upscale restaurants I’ve ever been to, but delicious.
The Patron- Mexican restaurant near the airport that I oddly really loved
*The Continental- One of my personal FAVES
Porter House- The first restaurant I ever ate at in Richmond; good food and pizza
Xtra’s Cafe- “Californian” type food; cool view/location
Sticky Rice- BEST sushi! Also amazing tater tots and they even have karaoke. Fun place.
Mellow Mushroom- Great pizza franchise, always a crowd favorite
Christian’s- Pizza right next to campus
Chanelo’s- Another pizza place near campus
Mama J’s- Southern comfort food; amazing homemade cake
Garnett Cafe- Super cute cafe with great sandwiches
Toast- Another crowd favorite next to campus; apparently awesome brunch as well
The Tavern- Not my favorite, but good food and not in a very busy spot, but near campus
Galaxy Diner- The best diner with awesome food. Open late and just so great
Kuba Kuba- Cuban food (I don’t really like Cuban food but LOVED this place)
Jack Brown’s- Another great burger joint AND they have fried Oreos and a cool local beers
Bistro Bobette- Upscale French restaurant
*Strawberry Street Cafe- Cute cafe in The Fan/near downtown; only been for brunch
Don’t Look Back- Awesome taco place
The Dog and Pig Show- Never actually ate there but it was super cute
The Pit and the Peel- Coffee shop with great smoothies, juices, and acai bowls
*Ellwood Thompson’s- Organic, healthy grocery store with cafe

*marks that I've been there for brunch

Deb’s- My favorite ice cream in Richmond (Sorry, Boyer’s)
Boyer’s- The main favorite ice cream place
Sweet Frog- Just your classic froyo place
Shyndigz- Absolutely amazing cake and pie! To-die for!

Stony Point Fashion Park Mall
  • Includes Forever 21, Love Culture (similar to Forever 21), Vineyard Vines, and others
Short Pump mall
  • Includes Apple, Banana Republic, Express, Gap, H&M, J. Crew, LL Bean, Lush, Lilly Pulitzer, Madewell, and others
Chesterfield Shopping Center
Carytown shopping:
  • Clementine: Awesome consignment shop!
  • Peter Blair: Great store for preppy men’s clothes
  • American Apparel
  • Ashby: More hipster consignment shop
  • Need Supply Co: Hipsterish store
Pink Palm and Monkees (Tuckahoe shopping center)

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