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I'm Meredith! I'm a 21-year-old from Lexington, Kentucky at the University of Richmond in Virginia! Monogram Meredith was born in September 2012 as a way for me to market my monogrammed t-shirts, but when I started to find that I loved sharing my recipes, crafts, style, and little quirks and ins and outs of my life, I realized that blogging was the way to do it. The monogram part of the Monogram Meredith is lacking a little bit for now (no monogrammed shirts), but that just means a lot more Meredith and a lot more personality on this blog.

Really, I'm just going through life one blog post at a time, whether it be a recipe, a style post, or just a thought and ramble, so follow along for the wild ride. I'm just a dork that likes obsessive amounts of nail polish, a good bargain, my old Kentucky home, the Richmond Spiders and laughs at really bad jokes, but hey, it's what makes life so sweet.

I am honestly just a goof with a love of feeling happy in fun clothes.

Hearing from people that read my blog is absolutely one of the most satisfying and humbling things, so please feel free to shoot me a line at monogrammeredith@gmail.com about absolutely anything!

And of course, follow along on social media!

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Instagram: meredithscroggin // Twitter: mlscroggin //Pinterest: mlscroggin

If you are looking to connect in a professional manner, feel free to e-mail me or connect on LinkedIn. Please also check out my professional portfolio at www.meredithscroggin.com.

Monogram Meredith is open to any sort of collaboration, partnership, or influencer program, so please don't hesitate to reach out for interest with your blog or company.

Thanks so much for following along with this little crazy life, y'all!

lots of love and laughs,


  1. Just found your blog on Blogger Bloopers - added it to my Bloglovin reads :) Super cute!

    Pink Champagne Problems

    1. Thanks so much, Dana! Super looking forward to reading all of your posts, too!!

  2. Absolutely obsessed!!! Love your background// template! Nice to know another KY blogger so close to home!!


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