Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Wait what? Trader Joe's can be cheapER?

Here goes nothing for publishing basically only a "second post."

I have such a love/hate relationship with Trader Joe's. Sure, you walk in and you feel cool, but then you see all the hot skinny girls and you wonder if you belong. You walk among the aisles and see more expensive prices.... and that's when I run out of that place. As frugal as I am though, I stayed attempted to stay patient while I walked through. And surprisingly enough, some things are cheaper there than they are at my faves (read: Aldi and Walmart).

1. Arugula

Oh, arugula, my beloved leaf. Normally for about $4 in Walmart, it was about $2 in TJ. I had too much kale and spinach already, but definitely where I'll get it next.

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2. Mushrooms

Here's the thing. I felt okay with buying canned mushrooms until I once Googled them and realized that.... there are a lot of problems with canned mushrooms. But when I think about buying five total mushrooms for $2.30 at Aldi, I think about how it's not worth it. So I haven't bought them in a while. And so what that I like the baby bella mushrooms instead of the white ones? Sue me. A bigger box was available for the same price at Trader Joe's. Bring it on, mushroom risotto.

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3. Nutritional yeast

Yo, if you've ever even slighted into the vegan world, you know that nutritional yeast is a must. Full of nutrients and lacking on dairy products, it's the world's favorite way to mimic cheese. Bragg's has a good brand for about $5-$6 at any grocery store. I bought a bag of it for about $3 at Trader Joe's! I need to actually measure it out to see how it compares. Even if you're not vegan, and even if not vegetarian, I still highly recommend nutritional yeast as a must-have in your pantry.

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4. Vegan mayo

Look, I'm not actually vegan. I just do tend to prefer vegan products than not. Espeeeeecially ones that are meant to contain raw egg. I'm not a major mayo fan, but when I started to look for it and saw that goes for $7 at the normal grocery store, I passed. This stuff looks good for $2.30.

Image result for trader joe's mayonnaise vegan

5. Balsamic glaze

I'd like to thank other blogs for retroactively telling me that you should not make your own balsamic blaze. Seriously, I thought I had some sort of poisoning in my apartment after trying to make my own. But hell nah, I wasn't going to pay $7 for it. $3? Sure, I'll take it.

Image result for trader joe's balsamic glaze

Other things on my Trader Joe's checklist:
- Low-cal queso
- Everything but the bagel seasoning (DUH)
- Sliced almonds
- Wine..... duh?

Anything else I should include?!

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