Sunday, September 9, 2018

Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

So I definitely love being a vegetarian. I do like using vegan recipes and cutting out more animal products when necessary. However, my love of cheese gets in the way sometimes! Also, I'm a huge pasta fanatic and everyone always uses cashews for cream sauces. For me, cashews are way too expensive. So I was super pumped to find this recipe that's just a lot of normal ingredients!

I had picked up some fresh red pepper fettuccine from Ohio City Pasta and was super amped about it. I wanted a good red pepper sauce to go with it and found this one from Minimalist Baker. New fave blog! So I basically just copied this recipe and threw it on top of that fresh pasta with some veggies. Super pumped! Going to have to use more red peppers in the future. The parmesan on top isn't vegan, but could be if that's what you're going for!



  1. I will try out this recipe. It will be really cool to check it out!

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