Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cheez-Its and Life

This goes out to my sweet friend, Maggie.

I haven't been on this blog in... a long time. I laugh that it still exists. That it still holds all of these memories and times of a life incredibly different than the life I'm living now.

I've wanted to blog again, but it's hard to admit that you're not the same preppy girl you were several years ago. I'm a hot damn mess. Just about everything has changed about me since the time I started this blog. But I miss it! I miss feeling like I had something to write and wanting to share.

Maggie is my Tri Delta little and has always told me she loves how much I cook. She talked about it during my senior speech and inspired me to send a basic grocery list to some of our other friends. This weekend, she snapchatted me about buying way too many Cheez-Its and told me that her kitchen is now vegetarian. "How will I ever survive without a meal plan?!" she asked me. She's the best and I love her for it.

I love to cook. I love being a vegetarian. I'm okay that I don't dress cute all the time, and don't religiously still buy monograms. And so what? It's my blog. I cook as therapy and I love it.

Damn, do I love food. I'm no chef and there are way more talented people out there than me. But hey, I enjoy it and I feel *good* about it.

Let's raise our glasses to caring about food, honesty, and people that make you want to do something you're proud of.

And Maggie, I'm sorry for publishing your love of Cheez-Its. That's why we were paired together.

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