Sunday, May 22, 2016

Welcome to New York

It's now been five days since I got to New York, and long story short, I LOVE IT.

I was really nervous about the whole thing because it's just so different than what I've always grown up around, but as it turns out, the different parts are my favorite. My love of wandering and exploring is exemplified in a city that has something cool around every corner with the convenience of a subway station everywhere possible. My need for people to hurry up has been carried out through the quick food orders and the hustling when walking. I can completely see why people just crave this city, and I know my love for NYC will only grow as the summer goes on.

But here's my recap of my first week!

I flew up with two checked suitcases and one carry-on suitcase. Right now, all my clothes are still in my suitcase, but when I move into my new apartment in a week, I'll post the full packing deets!

I feel like SUCH a tourist taking photos at every point, but I don't know how you couldn't. It's always been fun to see photos of the city but there really is no photo that could ever capture the beauty of the hustle and bustle of the city.

My mom had requested a "first day of work" pic, so I was thankful that my sweet friend Juliana took one for me. My cheesy smile captures how freaking excited I was for our first day!

The corner near my office: I swear I just feel ~so New York~ with fun photos like this.

I'll definitely be geeking about my actual job later because I could ramble on for days about how much I love being at Odyssey. But GUYS, this is the view from the bathroom of our office. I swear, it's all just so insta-worthy.

Confession: I could actually never be a food blogger. I mean, look how weird this looks! Why does my food never look as good as it could?! This was at Dos Caminos, where all the other 14 interns went after our first day.

Normally the office's dress is pretty casual, but the second day, we had an event later at night that was more business casual, so I paired a summery black dress with this jacket from Ralph Lauren. Super fun and light! (Also, shout out to my sweet friend Amanda for giving it to me :))

This was the panel we got to listen to at #OdysseySpeaks: absolutely amazing group!

Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer of The Met; Jonathan Jackson, co-founder of Blavity; Aziz Hasan, VP of product experience at Refinery29; Kelly Wallace, digital correspondent at CNN 

Friday, we had to wear our new Odyssey t-shirts, but I was super proud to rep them... along with all the other interns. 

Is not the best-looking group of editorial interns?!

Hollan, Justin (not pictured), and I got to take over the Odyssey's Snapchat for a few hours for an intern assignment.

Afterward, we enjoyed some ah-mazing ice cream sandwiches at Madison Square Eats at Melt Bakery. How cool is it to be right next to the Flat Iron building?!

Christian and I proudly repped our 90s jeans with our t-shirts, too.

It was crazy fun to have a mix of my Richmond friends and new Odyssey friends!


Lots of more updates to come!


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