Monday, May 16, 2016

Mod & Soul

A few months ago, I discovered a shop on Instagram called Mod and Soul, and they were based in Richmond! I was super excited to see that such a cute boutique was local. After exchanging emails with Jasmina, Jessica (I mean, who else?!) and I headed downtown to check it out.

And I was in love.

I swear, there are so many boutiques out there that either cater to too trendy, too conservative, too weird, just too much of something. But I've never found a boutique where I genuinely do like just about everything in there. Jessica and I were in shock at how much we loved all the pieces and had a blast talking with Jasmina about the store and its background.

Jasmina started and runs the store all by herself, and listening to her background as she talked about her passion for entrepreneurship and fashion had me in awe. We see so many boutiques floating around that are run by money-- not passion. In this whole journey of trying to figure out ~what I'm about~, the issue of throwing money into stores with trendy clothes has popped up a lot. I feel uneasy about supporting people and companies with no passion, so I feel so great about Mod and Soul. 

While there, Jessica and I tried on a few things and she got a few things and I got this super cute romper!

I wore it for this Bluegrass and Brews event in Richmond and it was so perfect!

Be sure to check out Jessica's post about it-- she is too stinking cute in what she got!

What do you think?! It's packed in my suitcase for NYC-- I leave tomorrow!


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