Monday, April 11, 2016

Taking ahold of your day

In the past few months, I’ve really been trying to focus on balancing my life. I’ve realized that I’m someone who craves time to be alone at certain points, but when I’m with friends, I’m outgoing. I’m extroverted, but the time I have to be by myself is crucial for my well-being. I sometimes struggle with being too alone and ignoring friends, but I have to always keep myself in check.

I get anxious if I’m scattered and frazzled. I guess most people do, but it almost cripples me from doing anything. I’ve talked about how anxiety is different than stress, and it’s completely true here. The weekends that are so busy I’m never in my room have me sweating and thinking my whole life is falling apart. The days I wake up late and realize I have no clean clothes make me think my whole life is crashing down.

So I find myself finding ways to combat this anxiety that comes when I have too much going on. Finding a way to collect myself and not be overwhelmed. And sometimes those moments come in simple days like this past weekend.

We went to The Pit and the Peel, which was this coffee shop on West Broad in Richmond and is newly updated on my RVA to-do list! My friends and I like finding places to study outside the library. Having my car with me this year has been a total gamechanger because sometimes all it takes is getting off campus for an afternoon to compose yourself.

Although we went thinking it was just a coffee shop, it actually had a great menu full of different juices and smoothies and real food. I was sad that I had just eaten because all of their food looks so good! But still, I got a cup of coffee and it was great.

Is it not the cutest place? There were lots of areas to sit and we chose a large table by the window-- you've gotta love natural lighting when you're doing work.

My friends Tori and Kristina ordered this acai bowl, which I had always heard of, but never actually knew what it was. But GUYS. It was unbelievably delectable and sweet, but not too sweet. The chia seeds give it a good source of protein and the other fruits keep it tasty and sweet! I'll definitely have to come back and try it again.

Kristina snapped this pic, and as she's quite a foodie, her Instagram is here.

So, long story short, The Pit and the Peel was phenomenal. Definitely a new favorite!

We also wanted to try this place we had always heard of, called Bombolini. We were a little confused at first because it's not a restaurant, it closes at 6, and we just didn't know what it was. Turns out, it's the best and most authentic Italian food you can imagine. We headed in there and saw their take out menu and were salivating. I, of course, being my boring self, got my favorite food in the whole world, fettucine alfredo. My friends split a ravioli, and as we waited for our food, we watched them make the pasta noodles. 

Absolutely too cool!

We took the pasta back to campus and safe to say, it's the best pasta I've ever had before. I'm normally not too big on the taste of noodles, but these noodles tasted amazing, and of course, the alfredo only added to the whole thing. My meal was only $7, so it's safe to say I'll be going back there again.

Overall, it was a great day full of just hanging out-- which is sometimes what we all need. I was with my friends, but got to focus on knocking some tasks off my to-do list. 

Taking time to go somewhere and collect yourself is crucial, and I can't reiterate that enough. Schedule those sorts of things ahead of time when you know you'll be stressed (did someone say finals?) and your well-being will thank you. 

Happy Monday!


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