Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break Recap

A few weeks ago, I was so excited to go see my sweet boyfriend in Rocky River, Ohio! I know, I know, a completely tropical and normal spring break destination.

But it was everything you could've imagined and hoped for.

The week started with driving down with my sweet pledge sister, Maddie, who also happened to be from the same small town.

We went to visit the yacht club his family is a member of, and it was absolutely beautiful.

I think life is made up of the little moments, like making egg sandwiches for lunch and driving around blasting music.

One night we went to a Cleveland Cavaliers game! It was my first professional game I'd ever been to and it was an absolute blast.

You know when people ask you what your perfect day is? That was the next day.

We went out to lunch with his mom and all went shopping after, which is always the best combo.

Skirt: similar // Sweater: similar // Boots: Etienne Aigner // Shirt: similar

(All these things are old!)

Hunter is a pretty big fan of Chubbies and is even a Chubbies ambassador, so it figured he would wear his cute green ones when it's warm out. And his shirt is Ralph Lauren.

After that, we went home, changed, and went to pick up his sister from school. Nearby, there was a park on the lake, so we had a blast taking some photos and exploring around.

Shirt: Southern Tide // Shoes: Sperry
Is it not the cutest shirt?!

We both really love our Daniel Wellington watches! Use code 'MLSCROGGIN' for 15% off your purchase!

Mine // His

I'll save the rest of my outfit for another post-- so many photos!

A lot of these photos are credit to my wonderfully talented boyfriend, whose Insta you can find here!

After the park, we went home and hung out for a little-- which really just means we binge watched random shows and ate a lot of food. But we set a time and planned to go see the sunset-- one of our favorite hobbies. Every time we see each other, we make a note to go watch the sunset. It's part of one of our things and how we think about a lot of things, but again, a post for another time :)

And yeah, sorry not sorry for being gushy. 

Again, the most perfect day I've ever had.

The next day, we did something and I realized we became an old married couple. We went and got our hair cut together. I needed a trim and so did he, so what better time than to go together? 

We came back, fixed some lunch, and read our respective catalogs. Oh, how life can be so sweet.

That day, we were also sort of bored, so we decided to go see a movie. We looked through the listings and saw that Deadpool was playing. And ya know, I'm not big on action movies or anything of the sorts. But I LOVED Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds was in it.... and it was actually pretty funny.

We even got to go to the movie theater with the reclining seats-- umm, count me in always?!

And if I haven't emphasized how much we ate, the next day, we filled our day with lots of Mexican food. We had a free burrito at Chipotle, a gift card for another burrito, coupon for free guac, and coupon for free queso at Moe's. 

Who says you can't have a blast with some coupons and trashy TV?!

And the rest of the time was just full of moments that couldn't be photographed. On Saturday, I packed up my car, had a morning of tears, and said goodbye. Always so hard to say bye, but always an excitement for the next time.

Love this boy more than anyone will ever know.


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