Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Boom. Roasted.

You can't tell me you don't love a day full of sundresses and dancing and good (free) food and some of your best friends in the world.

Saturday was Richmond's annual Pig Roast, also known as the best day of the year. People look forward to it all year long and this year's was just as great.

Basically, you wake up around 6:30 and get ready with your friends and go hang out for the morning until you go to the fraternity lodges in the afternoon. They provide tons of food and you just hang out in the sunshine dancing with your friends. A lot of alumni come back into town and guests are brought and it's really just a great day for all.

This year, we went to our friend's apartment and felt just oh-so-fancy and fun. After, we headed back to campus and had a blast. Some snap shots:

Is this not the cutest bar cart?! Lauren does such a great job with all her decorated bar carts!

One of my best friends in the world came to visit me! Logan and I went to high school together but he's still a senior in high school and is considering coming to Richmond! Tweet at him to tell him he should be a Spider this fall....!

But hey, are YOU going to be a Spider this fall?! Let me know by tweeting at me @mlscroggin!

Have I told you how much I love Jessica?! Oh yeah, a time or two. 

An overall amazing weekend and I'm so happy for such a great time!

But of course, for the outfit details:

This dress was from Charlotte Russe! Yup, you better believe it. While I do love Lilly, it's fun to have a change. I really loved the fit and flare and the floral pattern on it! While I can't find the exact dress online, here's a similar one. Just goes to show you should never forget about Charlotte Russe!

While I wish Pig Roast had been complete sunshine, it was also sort of muddy and gross, so I was excited to wear my new Georgica Jack Rogers I got for Christmas. They're jelly, so I simply washed off all the mud. Absolute game changer. 

And as for these sassy sunglasses, I was pretty excited. I bought them at a store in Richmond called Love Culture because I felt like I needed some fun sunglasses. I felt so fun. Here's a similar pair from H&M. Or, if you're feeling SUPER fancy, here are some Dior ones.

Boom. Roasted. Here's to next year.


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