Thursday, April 21, 2016

7 Links to Make Your Thursday Better

In lieu of not having my own creative spirit this week (Why is the week before finals almost more stressful than finals week?! Someone lmk.), here are some links that I definitely would recommend. Ya girl isn't going to share something she doesn't absolutely love!

My best friend wrote this for Spoon University and absolutely killed it! Some great ideas I had never even thought of.

This article/study is actually fascinating. I get upset when I see so many efforts trying to help women avoid rape when we should be treating it as a cultural issue with men, but the article addresses that and gives some great facts. I haven't taken a self defense class before, but I'm looking to do so soon.

VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE, though I don't know what to say about it. Crazy to think how different it was 20 years ago for kids our age.

My super sweet and great friend Olivia wrote this article for Spoon University at Richmond. There's a class at Richmond that requires you to eat as if you were on food stamps for a week and it really shakes you up. I was lucky enough to have this professor, just not this class, so I know it was great.

I love business articles and I love Lilly Pulitzer, so give it a read if you're interested in either.

6. Crazy finish to the IUAA Women's 4 x 400 Relay Final:

Fast forward to 3:06 if you want the short version. Insane!

7. Why I Love Odyssey

Okaaaaay, I mean I did write this one. But read it. 

Enjoy your reading!


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