Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tobi Bra Sale

Hi friends! Y'all know I'm all about a good deal. And I'm really trying to refrain from pretending like I'm a girl with tons of money and sharing things that are WAY too out of price range. Tobi is one of those stores that can be expensive at times (expensive in my terms), but other times, they have some great deals, so I have to share.

I've gotten a lot of fun compliments about my bralette, which was purchased for $7 at a Rue 21 -- yep, that slightly too tweeny store that I've avoided for years but somehow found some great deals -- so it's hard to give help about where to find them where they aren't $35. BUT HEY HEY, Tobi has a great sale on intimates today.

Oh.... and this top is from Tobi too. I bought it in November, but here's a similar one.

Here's an article I wrote in the fall about why the bralette is a gamechanger. I totally still live by it. Actually, I'm wearing it as we speak.

Tobi has a sale of intimates less than $10, similar to the one I have, so check it out!

Go buy one and rock your showing bra straps.


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