Monday, March 21, 2016

Leather Skirt

Today may be the second day of spring, but it is still cold. This past weekend, we had temperatures around 75-80, but now, it's chilly.

But who says you can't still be chic?! This is one of my favorite outfits because it is comfy, warm, and a little edgy. Or rather, a little edgy for someone like me.

But I guess I'll go ahead and write about my good friend, Jessica. Jessica writes her own blog, Belle Adore, which is wonderful and ADOREable (heh heh) and someone connected us over the summer because she's now a freshman at Richmond. It's always funny meeting other bloggers/social media mavens because you think you have a lot in common and sometimes when you meet you realize you actually don't. But what's so fun about Jessica is that she and I have become *real life* friends and often run into each other in the business school, gym, and dining hall. So it makes blogging with her even more fun!

She and I went out with Dalila, who runs Shop Konfetti, which you've most likely definitely seen, and took photos in Churchill. Absolutely one of the cutest and most underrated places in Richmond! We were obsessed. These with the railing are at Libby Hill Park-- probably my new favorite spot in Richmond.

I love this outfit because it features a leather skirt, which was found at TJ Maxx for a whopping $7 (similar). This sweater is from Forever 21 and easily one of my favorite items. I wear it wayyy too much (similar). The shirt is a great find from Old Navy a few years ago that reminds me of that jeweled shirt from J. Crew everyone wore. This necklace was a gift I received from BaubleBar (similar). And the boots are here on eBay. As you can see, this was a relatively inexpensive outfit. It's all about bits and pieces here and there!

Like Jessica's outfit? Shop it here!

Also had to show the inside of a cute cafe we changed at and took a few photos in! The Dog and Pig Show had the cutest moss wall.

Is this not the cutest section of town?! Will definitely be going back for a real meal!

Happy Monday, folks!


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