Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Blue Skies

Happy March 1st, y'all! I can't believe it's already March and that the first two months of the year have already flown by!

First of all, I have to give BEYOND THANKS for all your support on my last post. I was really worried, like I wrote about, but the responses I got from everyone on the Internet or in real life was so gratifying. To know that there are so many just lovely people out there really keeps me going!

I am currently writing from the ~secret garden~ behind my dorm. It is a beautiful 73 degrees, according to my last snapchat check (does anyone actually check the weather app anymore?!) and I am just relishing this sunshine. I swear, this must be what it means to truly be at a liberal arts university. I passed so many classrooms today that were enjoying class outside and I realized it was days like this when they take the typical photos for college catalogs. So yes, I did bring my backpack and notebook and towel outside and plop down to work on some stuff.

And it just led me to write and share a few snapshots! Photos have been such a nice, fun way to enjoy each day to the fullest. I've been so bad with keeping all my photos edited and uploaded, but I'm getting there!

And for a song to go along with your bright and happy day:

*not all of the lyrics are about today, but still, a good song*

Have a great day!


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