Thursday, September 3, 2015

$4 Jeans

You know, I really think good things come to those who wait. Especially when it comes to jeans. I'm really kind of a cheap-o. I get a lot of questions/comments about how I afford nice clothes and it kind of makes me laugh because I am so hesitant to spend much money at all when it comes to anything, including clothes. Yes, I think a lot of time quality comes over quantity, but in so many cases, I can't justify expensive clothes when I know I can get several things for the same price. And this is the prime example.

I was at Old Navy a few weeks ago, and honestly, me and Old Navy are straight up pals. I love Old Navy so much and I don't care who says they don't. The only issue really is that some of their items start with such expensive prices but then are inevitably marked back down, so I never buy full price there. But I had seen this commercial--

And first of all, thought it was incredibly funny, but also wanted to look into the $8 jeans. Ya girl loves a bargain. But, much to my dismay, not all jeans are $8. I wanted a pair of light colored, high waisted jeans (okay, whatever, I'm just like every other girl my age) and have been looking for the perfect pair. Tried a pair on at Old Navy and YUP, THEY WERE PERFECT. But they were still $34 and yes, this is a great price to some, but I could only think of the 34 iced coffees from McDonald's or 8 shirts I could get from TJ Maxx for that price. #sorrynotsorry. I left empty handed-- okay, actually, I take that back. I never leave there empty handed-- but without the jeans. (Also, obviously I don't hate Old Navy, I'm, again, just very frugal.)

The next day, I went to get my hair cut and right next to it was a store called Bargain Hunt. Okay, okay, I know there are probably lots cringing at the name and thinking of that episode of Lizze McGuire where she tries to win Best Dressed but her mom wants to take her shopping to some store with a similar name and Lizzie dies of embarrassment and instead buys the expensive jeans.

But as you all remember, the lesson learned from this episode was that when Lizzie changes into her bargain jeans, she gets a ton of compliments. SO I THINK ALL Y'ALL KNOW WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS...

I found the best pair of jeans at this store called Bargain Hunt. It was definitely a store that you would have to search to find good things, but the store that's incredibly rewarding when you do find that perfect pair of jeans. They were originally from Target and the Target tags were still on them, but I tried them on and loved them. Thinking they were $10 because that's what the tag said, I was ecstatic when they rang up for FOUR DOLLARS. I was so excited that I went and bought a donut that day.

And speaking of other good things for less, these Jack Rogers were part of that philosophy. My classic platinum Jack Rogers broke and are actually deemed "unfixable" and I was devastated. But rather than fork over another $100 for the same exact pair, I found this pair (the "Liliana") on 6pm that was ON SALE. For $39. 6pm is a great website for things like this, and I was so excited to find a much cheaper, different replacement..... Good things come to those who wait, y'all (or search furiously on all discount websites).

Also, this is my new Daniel Wellington watch that I'm obsessed with. I have been lusting over Daniel Wellington for forever and when they reached out to me, I was beyond excited. Head on over to my Pinterest for my discount code!

Also, just because I've explained every other aspect of this outfit, this shirt is from TJ Maxx. But honestly, what else did you expect? (.....and this ice cream was purchased on $1 scoop nights at Baskin Robbins....)

So, you guys, this is where I'm trying to keep it real. I'd love to say I get all of my basic clothes at J. Crew or expensive boutiques or something, but I don't and that's not realistic for the average budget. Besides, that gives a little more wiggle room for fun things like ice cream on summer nights. 

What do y'all think? What are your fun ways to save money?


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