Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New new new!

Well looky there, Monogram Meredith got a little bit of an update, I would say! I'm insanely excited about this whole new thing and honestly just spent a good 30 minutes explaining the basis of how codes and ads and analytics work to my mom because I can't stop geeking about how excited I am.

This blog really just needed to grow up a little bit. Gone is the constant hot pink and bows and claims of preppy fashion, now it's just me. The monogrammed shirts, the real purpose of this blog, aren't here exactly anymore, but I couldn't just rename the blog! Maybe it's because the name is so close to my heart, maybe it's because rebranding is just so hard, and maybe it's just because that "perfect name" just hasn't hit me yet. It's not that I don't love the pink and bows always, but I like this blog to represent myself, not just the girl that started this blog as a fun Pinterest exploitation a few years ago. As my style, thoughts, and creative manners change and grow, I want this blog to be the best way to capture all of it.

I think it goes back to why we all like having a clean room, or at least I do. I'm kind of bad at it, but I feel trapped and uncomfortable and unable to work when my room's a mess. Or my backpack or just my general area. And I feel like I got somewhat trapped in this blog with not feeling comfortable in my blog space and things being a little bit off. But honestly, thanks to my main girl Rachel for having designed the last one. She's fab and everyone knows it and I don't think anything I did would've existed without her laying that foundation a couple years ago. I feel really excited about this new blog space, and I have tons of things to share. I have a whole summer and a whole lotta freshman year and life that I never shared! I'll talk about why within these next few weeks, as well as share some great collaboration posts and get ready for going back to school at the end of August. It's all snuck up on me!

And honestly, here's to keeping it real. I want to always make sure I tell the whole truth on here, even if it's covered up with some glitzy Instas. This blog has completely changed my life and I believe that a lot of it is because you guys have related with me and made me feel more comfortable in who I am, so I promise to stay true to what I've always wanted for Monogram Meredith. I've had some awesome experiences where I got to truly reflect on what this blog meant to me, and here's a really cool one I recently had. Mutual of Omaha has a campaign called "Aha Moment" where they invited people to come and share a moment that was clarifying and defining in their life, and I got to go and film mine! (Also, yes, it's really weird to watch it myself.)

Again, I'm just a smidge pumped about the future right now. Browse around the new site and let me know what you think, I'd really love input!


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  1. Love the new look! Can't wait to see all your new upcoming posts!


  2. I love your new design, and the video was beautiful!!:)
    xo, Syd

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