Friday, May 1, 2015

Thank God for the Summertime

Ahh, how wonderful it feels to have a wonderful blog post open. It just makes me happy to have such a blank canvas...and much happier than to have a blank paper written. But I'm writing this from the library, yearning for summer. So many great things are going to happen this summer.

And hey, I know I included Ben Rector in a previous post and I just have to add him again. Love him to death. This is what you're all required to listen to while reading this post:

I am excited for:

No more shower shoes. I can walk BAREFOOT from my room to the shower. And maybe in some instances, with no towel. Absolutely wild stuff right there.

Drinking from a faucet. I was never a water snob until I came to school and realized that tap water here was a little weird.

Not having to wear pants or worry about appearance to get food.


Water that won't make my skin break out or make my skin dry.

Having a car and being able to drive wherever I want to get whatever I need. No more borrowing cars or making due with the random little things I have because I can't go to the store.

Going shopping and exploring the city and having fun with all the places I grew up and loved.

The sun! The pool! Being tan!

A big bed with all my pillows (including the ones I have at school-- oh my gosh, so many pillows) and sleeping in and no construction at 7 am and no worrying that I'm bothering who I'm living with.

Having all my built in best friends (siblings, duh).

Watching TV and relaxing somewhere than my bed.

Reading tons and tons.

Being around people who have the same love, knowledge, and appreciation of everything Kentucky.
So here's the sassiest photo of me ever. Happy summahhhhhhh, frands.

I really want to get a lot of cool and exciting things done and I'm so excited to share them with y'all! Today is my last day here-- one final tonight and then I'm leaving tomorrow! Very weird and bittersweet.


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  1. Happy summertime to you! It sounds like you're going to soak up every single minute :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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