Monday, April 13, 2015

Blazers & Wedges

HELLO HELLO! It's time for a new style blog post, and I'm super thrilled about this one and the next few that are coming because they were taken f'real f'real with Amy (from Amy Believes in Pink) and Moira Lachance in the always beautiful Richmond.

I feel like every time I drive back to campus from somewhere, I'm stunned by the beautiful homes. There are just so many of them and it's just what you imagine as the dream home, in my opinion. So we set out and found some of them and took photos in front of them. How fun it was to be with people who also see places as good blog spots! So naturally we found a white fence and had to stop.

All photos thanks to Moira Lachance.

This jacket was one that I wrote my little love story about here and decided to pull it out again.

Jacket: Banana Republic (similar) Shirt: Old (similar) Jeans: Forever 21 Wedges: Old (similar)

A thing to be said about this outfit: I think it's hard sometimes when you read fashion blogs and click to links that have items with such high prices. Though this is linked to similar products that you can actually buy, I have to give my few tips real quick: this shirt is from TJ Maxx or something similar from years ago, these jeans are less than $8 at Forever 21 and my favorite jeans, and these wedges were from Designer Shoe Warehouse for $12. Never think that an outfit has to be expensive if you can find steals like these!

Happy Monday, my friends,

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