Thursday, March 26, 2015

You're all ice cream

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a really big fan of ice cream. I love ice cream a whole lot, because how can you not? It's all really wonderful, but one of the hardest things about loving ice cream is that I love a lot of different types. But I can't have them all.

Some days I really crave a good chocolate based moose tracks with all sorts of creative pieces, or cookie dough with things a little half done and lots of potential, or a very consistent and smooth vanilla with all the right flavors. Maybe even some days I'll crave sherbert, but you wouldn't think of me as a sherbert kinda girl. Overall, I love all ice creams. They're pretty great, but you want certain things on certain days, but at least when I leave that ice cream for another one, someone else gets to enjoy it. And they'll probably like it and appreciate it more.

To all of those of you who are seniors and these are the final scary weeks, you're some pretty freaking fantastic ice cream. I know this week and I know it badly. People have been asking you for months where you're going to school and you want to yell that you have absolutely no clue because you don't know where you've gotten into, but now that April 1st and other deadline are creeping up on you and it's becoming more real. Rejections and waitlists hurt. I just pulled it up and I got rejected from EIGHT schools and waitlisted at three. I didn't get accepted into any schools during that time period, and a lot of them were schools I thought I had a good chance at and was definitely on considering seriously. I know I'm not the smartest but I was a very competitive student, and especially being in the program I was in, I was among some really smart kids, too, so I knew what I was going against (somewhat cringing saying that now). I was a good applicant. But you know, there were eleven schools that didn't want me. That really hurt me and I was upset that so-and-so got in ahead of me and it felt so easy to be bitter about it and mad at everyone and hate all colleges in general.

The college admissions process is a little whack sometimes. It's looking at all of these applicants and realizing that they're all some nice ice creams, but they can't choose all of them. Picking one ice cream flavor over another ice cream flavor doesn't discredit the greatness of the one not chosen-- maybe that college was looking for more community service instead of a ton of leadership roles. Maybe they just weren't in the taste for completely put together, smooth vanilla with the perfect GPA and standardized test scores. It just kind of depends year to year, but it depends on the most obscure things whether or not a school wants you and it's annoying.

All of this to say: I PROMISE you that you will end up where you're supposed to be. If I had gotten into one particular school, I wouldn't have even considered Richmond. It was my good choice then and I was absolutely devastated to be waitlisted, but you know, I feel like I'm much happier here than I would ever be there or any other school I didn't get into, and the same thoughts have been echoed through all of my other friends here and at different schools.

It's really hard right now because all you can focus is on is this sucky feeling of not getting in, but you have to remember what's inevitably going to happen-- you're going to college. There's so much more exciting stuff in store and you just have to get through these few weeks and wait for the exciting day when everyone decides and you're not thinking about any other schools. The day you decide, you won't think about anything else or even consider another school. It all just seems so right then.

Wait for this moment and enjoy the remainder of your senior year. These days go by fast and they're really great memories with your friends, so try to keep your head up and think about what's actually going to happen-- college! 

I promise it'll all be okay and more than okay. Here are some of my posts from this time last year: I'm going to college!, It's May 1st, and A roller coaster of a year

Thinking of all y'all ice creams.


PS: This is all for my sweet senior friends that put up with me last year and inspired me to write this. You're my rocks and my beautiful people. 


  1. I love this post! So clever comparing ice cream to applying to colleges! I hope to remember this advice when I am a senior in High School!


  2. Love, love, love! I am a senior right now, and I can totally relate to the frustration and craziness of college decisions and all that jazz.


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  4. Meredith, I commend you for writing this post! It's something that all seniors need to hear right now. I was in the same boat as you last year; my top choice was Cornell and they didn't want me but I have since moved on and I am so happy at my current university. The college game - it really is a game - sucks but the most important message for seniors to take away is that everything ultimately works out as it should.

    Bashful and Bubbly

  5. Oh my gosh. I can remember this time like it was yesterday! I am a freshman in college also and this process was the absolute worst. Most of my friends are seniors this year too, and I can only image what a wreck I was to handle last year!

    Taylor Anthony // Prep, Please! Blog

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  7. You're so right! As a senior in college, and a senior attending a college that wasn't in my original plan, I can attest to the fact that you end up exactly where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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