Monday, March 2, 2015

Leather quilted shoulders

One of the biggest blessings of college is having additional wardrobes. I never shared clothes with friends in high school, simply because we didn't live together and I just never thought about it. But I feel like now, my closet has expanded greatly within my friend group, and I'm beyond thankful for it. Because the thing that I've learned the most is that my clothes don't necessarily fit every occasion. 

And I'm okay with that, but it's hard to have something good to wear to go out when the best definition of your closet is the fact that you own four pink oxfords, yet not a flowy top to wear with leggings. The joke among my friends is that they're turning me "edgy", a term my roommate and I laugh over. As we're getting ready to go out and I have some sort of brightly colored top and a statement necklace and bright lipstick on, and she's wearing all black, we laugh at how different our styles are. The rest of our friends are similar in that sense and they're always letting me borrow clothes, especially one of my sweet friends, Leila, who gives up her closet almost every weekend. I love it.

These photos were kind of funny to have taken because they were after we had all gotten back and another friend insisted on taking photos "for the blog" (thank ya, Eve). I love being at that level with my friends. 

No color?! And no Bean boots or pearls paired with it?! Very different of me, but I was so grateful for getting to borrow this dress from the Pink Pineapple Shop, a boutique she absolutely loves. It had quilted leather shoulders and I absolutely loved it. I couldn't find that same one online, but I did find this one with denim that I'm all heart eyes over. She was also gracious enough to let me borrow her cute little booties (which I think has to be my next investment) and they're here-- and apparently on sale?! Just might have to jump on that now. I wore a pair of black dangle earrings (I own, like, three pairs of dangle earrings. This is a big deal.) that I got for my birthday, but here's an absolutely darling pair from Target!

I want to see if I can do more posts with outfits like this...but with spring coming up, I know I'm just gonna turn back to the pastels. A GIRL CAN'T CHANGE TOO MUCH. 

What are the things you always borrow from friends to wear? 


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