Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Tidbits

I guess Tuesdays are just becoming my days to rant about the random little facets of my life and throw in some photos with it, but I'll look at it as more of a follow up from last week with my whiteboard post.

I'm actually pretty proud of my eating and I stuck with my goals. The only thing I did do was have ONE tater tot the other night at dinner because we were at a restaurant known for their tater tots and it was for dinner.... so it doesn't really count as a breakfast food. The only fried food I've had were some mozzarella sticks because I really needed them that day (we all know those days), but I balanced the rest of my foods around them. I haven't had any desserts from the actual dessert station. Even though I absolutely have the worst sweet tooth, I try to just get a banana or eat a piece of chocolate when I get back to my room. I had some frozen yogurt the other night, but that doesn't make me feel blech like other things do. Listening to my body is probably one of the best things I've learned in life-- I even wrote an essay about it for one of my classes! And for showering and cleaning, I'm actually so happy. Again, VERY silly goal, but I feel better and more put together when my room is clean and I'm not on second day hair.

And for more little tidbits from February:

This school...no words. And as pretty as it is with no snow, I'm just taken back by how peaceful and beautiful it looks with it.

And when there's snow in the South, there's no school. Two weeks ago, they called it off early enough that we all just hoarded food in our rooms and stayed warm.

But other than that favorite team, UR beat VCU the other night in basketball, the night before our last snow day! Absolutely too happy to be a Spider.

And on the other hand... did March just sneak up on us?! I was excited to flip my planner to the new March description and see a hope for a pretty spring. I'm leaving for Palm Beach on Saturday and super pumped to get some sun, but first have to get through this week. 

Happy March, friends!


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