Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank ya, 2014

I remember writing this post at the end of last year. I knew so many big things were going to happen in 2014, but the magnitude of what would happen and the amount that I feel like I've changed and my life has changed was absolutely unpredictable, but I am so thankful for it. 

I promised myself I would do something different in 2014. I was tired of the same sorts of old things and being in my comfort zone, and yes, I am most definitely still in that comfort zone sometimes, but I'm proud of the big steps I made in 2014.

In January, I tried a lot more with my blog. Fashion hadn't been such a big part of it until we had tons of snow days and tons of time. Trying different things with my clothes was huge for me, and sharing it on my blog made me ecstatic. I also went to a formal and had a great time.

February was a time of a lot of new people entering my life and older friends staying with me. It was also the time of my final applications being submitted and starting the long, long wait until April 1st. 

March continued with snow, but a spring promise and hints of the final months of senior year.

April was HUGE. The beginning of the month brought in rejections and waitlist spots, with the reality of finally choosing a college, but aided by the fun of spring break with some of my best friends (and the infamous sun poisoning experience). Lots of anxiety filled this month, but lots of fun times, like visiting Richmond for the first time, Easter, senior skip day, prom, and then.... finally choosing to go to the University of Richmond. That day of submitting the paperwork seems to be so long ago, but what a great long time it's been.

May had many endings. It carried the last month of high school, the endings of relationships, health for a loved one, a normal everyday routine, and more. I was excited to present my final mentoring project and receive my Academy medallion, very thankful that my grandfather got to be there for the medallion ceremony. I got to celebrate being a senior with some of the greatest people that have entered my life and I couldn't be more thankful.

June was very very odd. The first weekend of June, I graduated, then had a week before I celebrated the next chapter of my life. Then the surprising death of my grandfather occurred and we spent June grieving in the season that's supposed to be full of happiness and warmth and joy.

July was all about trying to move on and start anew, but realize that my life would all be changing in a month. 

And oh, August. August started with a much-needed beach trip and ended with many goodbyes, packing up my life, and moving 8 hours away into my new home. I gained a new place to live and new friends and a new self at school, and I could not be more grateful that I've had this opportunity. Honestly, I would feel wrong posting anything with my friends because all of the new friendships I've gained can't be summed up in photos!

All the months past moving into school sort of blend together, but this was September. Friends and studying and a realization that Richmond was the best decision of my life!

Good friendships were nurtured throughout fall break and a holiday and such in October.

In November, I celebrated my 19th birthday and got to go home for the first time in four months!

And finally, December. Finals and the end of my first semester and Christmas and relaxation. 

Honestly, I can't even explain how incredibly wonderful 2014 was. There were hard times and good times but all in all, I am ecstatic with the great things that happened and how I feel I've grown as a person! I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds and how this crazy little life of a 19 year old (soon to be 20??) turns out. 

Thanks y'all for a wild ride,