Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I feel like I always miss out on sharing random life photos, so here are a few snapshots from the past month! And on that.... how is it already November? I'm super excited for November because my birthday is in 8 days, and before I know it, Thanksgiving will be here and I'll be home! I haven't been home since I left in August so this will be such a nice visit to see my whole family and all my friends. Also, it'll be weird because after Thanksgiving, I'll be back in Richmond for about two weeks before I go home again for winter break. How has this semester flown by?!

Every time I wear my Jacks, I think it'll be the last time I get to wear them, but then it gets warm again. I easily could've worn them yesterday, too....

I wish this weren't blurry, but homecoming weekend was so much fun! Sammy Adams performed and it was just a fun change to have a concert here. I really had no clue who he was before...... but it was still really fun.

Plus or minus a few, I love the girls on my hall!

I really love football games, too. This day was oddly nice as well, but I proudly wore my school colors and enjoyed the free coffee that Keurig was giving out. 

I've been trying to learn how to make studying more enjoyable and I've realized that sitting outside with coffee and color coordinating my notes is my happy place. 

Honestly, who would've thought that I could post about Jacks and Bean boots in one post?! Let alone wear them in the same week. But really, I just get so happy when I see my Bean boots on my feet, and paired with a warm sweater, I'm getting all heart eyes emoji in comfort.

This was a nice view to have when my dad came to visit for a business trip and we went off campus. Even off campus, RVA is such a beaut!

We went to Bottoms Up pizza in downtown Richmond and then Bev's ice cream in Carytown and loved BOTH. Even though I've only been to Carytown a few times, I've been to Bev's almost every time I've been and it's the best. 

This really isn't the most flattering photo of me, but it was a quick snapchat I was sending to my sister and I had to save it. I was so thankful for a nice little visit with my sweet Daddy-o.

These are my happy pants, as I've explained before. Getting compliments on them is so funny because I feel like I'm just wearing pajama pants. Thank you, Target, you da bomb dot com.

There are many days where I throw on something I would never blog about (hello t-shirt and leggings), but no matter what, I always stick to my watch, pearls, and monogram necklace. It's sort of a thing that if I can at least wear these three, I can feel a little bit put together. I'm not sure where the earrings are from, but the necklace is from this great shop on Etsy. I'm trying to put together a post where I talk about the things I wear frequently, simply because they always pop up in all my photos, but for now, these three are my jewelry essentials.

This is probably one of those outfits I wouldn't ever blog about.... jeans and large sweatshirt not seen, but comfy moccasins are present. It was one of those perfect days outside and as I sat outside trying to ignore my obligations, at least I could enjoy an Arnold Palmer and lemon bread.

This school has pockets of beauty, and this was just one of them. I love the flowers and work that's put into keeping this campus just gorgeous!

No, this isn't my Halloween costume.... but what Tori's wearing is one of my costume pieces! That post coming tomorrow!


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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying college! And I am always so in love with your photos!

  2. Happy early birthday! November babies rock! *internet high five* Great post and keep up the good work!:)
    Hannah Kate

    1. Ahh thanks so much! I absolutely love November :')

  3. Ah, seeing your photos make me miss Richmond more and more. Hope you have a great birthday!

  4. Your college experience looks like so much fun! Also, I really love how you layered the statement necklace & your monogram necklace, it looks so different & cool :)

    xoxo, SS


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