Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I'm kind of a cheapo when it comes to jewelry. Okay, I'm kind of a cheapo when it comes to most things, but especially jewelry and statement pieces that I really just don't want to spend money on and won't wear frequently. I find myself scrounging for the cheapest things from eBay and Forever 21 and I just love finding great deals on them.

And then I got an email from Alex from Rocksbox and almost jumped out of my seat (this is not exaggeration). The way I've explained it to so many people is that it's sort of an old-school Netflix with jewelry. You fill out a style survey and the stylists pick out what they think you'd like and send you a box with three pieces. You keep it for however long you want, but when you're through wearing or using those pieces, you mail it back in their free shipping box and they send you three new things. For $19 a month, you get designer jewelry and if you want to buy one of the things you got in your box, you just keep it when you mail your box back and they charge it to you!

I was kind of blown away at it, and super excited when I saw that I could let people use my link and get their first month free. When I told a friend about Rocksbox and asked if she wanted a month, she actually could not get over how cool the idea was. I mean, the whole day she just kept talking about it and how ingenious it was. So we both took the surveys and signed up for it and eagerly went to the post office that day when we got the little notification that we had packages. Standing in the post office together with our new Rocksboxes, we opened our boxes like little kids on Christmas and showed each other what we got. Our styles were matched perfectly and we were so excited. 

She was even so excited that she wore her bangle and necklace on Halloween for her Jasmine costume... ain't she the cutest? (More to come on Halloween later, no worries.)

And yesterday I wore my necklace. I'm not gonna toot my own horn, but I honestly got so many compliments on it. I work at a cafe and just in my four hour shift, six different customers complimented me on it. I sort of kind of wanted to yell at them about Rocksbox and how cool it was, but I decided to blog about it instead. Naturally. 

I woke up and realized I had no clean pants but that it was also 44 degrees, so I wore a sleeveless white lace dress from Forever 21, my fave Banana Republic black cardigan (but actually, I swear by this sweater), the most comfy vest from Banana Republic (similar), and my boots from Designer Shoe Warehouse. Of course, in typical Virginia fashion, I was sweating by noon and had to even take off the cardigan for a little bit.

Also.... I painted my nails black and got a new bottle of shiny top coat. I for sure wish I had bought shiny at first instead of matte. I feel like I'm being taken back to my 6th grade rebellious ways and I'm sure my mom is cringing at the fact that I'm wearing black nail polish again, but she's probably rejoicing at the fact that I'm not picking it off. Sorry you can't win all the battles, Mom.

I can't wait to share the bangle and earrings I got, so stay tuned on Instagram!

But hey, do you love the idea of Rocksbox as much as me? Use my code here to try it free for a month! I even put it on the side of my blog for easier access, but let me know if you try it and what you get!


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  1. Love the necklace!
    I think black is a nice nail polish shade for the fall months

  2. Just signed up using your code! Excited to try it out :)

    I've seen a couple of your last posts - I hope you're keeping your spirits up! College can be stressful/confusing/a struggle sometimes but if anyone can handle it, you certainly can.


    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words, Taylor, that really means a lot to me! And I hope you like Rocksbox!!

      xoxo, Meredith

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