Wednesday, November 12, 2014

JUMPing into Wednesday

When I was in Destin over the summer, my grandmother and I hit up that TJ Maxx like no other. I bought two things, a white dress for proclamation and this jumpsuit. My grandmother saw both and I could tell she really wasn't into either, but I bought both anyways. I honestly only bought this jumpsuit because it was $7. I saw it and saw it on clearance and had no clue when or where I would wear it, but it WAS ONLY SEVEN DOLLARS. So I finally busted it out today for the first time today and couldn't have been more excited. I have never felt so cool or bloggable before.

Also, my friends and I were walking and they saw this bug and freaked, saying "YOU HAVE TO TAKE BLOG PICTURES HERE." 

thanks Tori and Sarah for the photos!

Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx // Flats: Forever 21 // Bangle: Rocksbox

This was the bangle I got from Rocksbox! *heart eyes emoji*

Happy Wednesday,

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