Friday, October 17, 2014

What a wonderful world

MONDAY WAS HIKING DAY! Tori drove us to Hanging Rock State Park, and all we really knew for sure was that there was a hanging rock and that we had bucket hats. That's really all you need, right? It was one of those perfect moments where we had eaten good food and were driving down the most beautiful back roads listening to the Avett Brothers and I was with my best friends and I knew it was all good in the world.

"This one looks like a heart!"

The hike there was incredibly gorgeous, but then we got to the top and it was breathtaking.

It was all foggy, though. Most people would consider that disappointing, but I was fascinated by having absolutely no clue how far up we were. You looked down and couldn't see anything, and looked up, and it looked the exact same. It was such an odd feeling to feel as if you were in the sky and have all white around you.

How crazy?! The rock stuck out so far and Tori was much more adventurous than Sarah and I (can't you see in this photo?!) going out... at least we all made it back alright.

Oh how good God is and how wonderful is the world He made!



  1. I think I would have liked it more without the fog, but i bet it was amazing anyway!

  2. I've been to Hanging Rock so many times! My dad used to take me and my brother camping there at least once a year when I was younger, I most recently went during high school for a field trip, it was foggy then too :/


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