Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Relaxed Fits

The weather's being a little moody with us and is playing mind games. I leave my room in the morning absolutely freezing and then am sweating on my to lunch, and then get cold again at night. I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO WEAR.

But I love these pants. I love everything about them and they just bring joy into my life. And when I pair them with the most comfortable shirt, I'm even happier. This was just the perfect outfit for this weird weather.

Funny story about these photos: I was trying to get someone to take them and of course, abusing my friend about it to the point that I went to her room without knowing if she was in there... and then on the way down, we found these flowers that I grabbed, thinking they'd be a good blog prop. I guess there's a first for everything?

Tori, the friend I abused, loved trying to get up close and take 'em.

Shirt: brand is Soprano, similar // Pants: Gap // Sweater: Old Navy {similar} // Shoes: Jack Rogers

What do you wear when you just want something comfy?


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