Friday, October 10, 2014

Charles River + Giveaway

Long ago, when I realized how absolutely crucial it was to have a monogrammed rain jacket, I purchased one from Charles River and had it monogrammed. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of compliments I've received on it and the amount of love I've gotten from this quality jacket over the years.

It's gotten a lot of lovin' over the years.

So when I got an email from Charles River asking if I was interested in a promotional post, I was GAME. I mean, all in. Not just their rain jackets, but all of their products, so I got this sweet pullover and I fell in love. *heart eyes emoji*

Sweater: Charles River // Shirt: {similar} // Skirt: J. Crew {similar} // Shoes: Forever 21 {similar} // Purse: Banana Republic // Earrings: Lilly Pulitzer // Rings: Forever 21 // Watch: Anne Klein // Necklace: Etsy

These photos bounce back and forth with it on and off, but I absolutely love it! 

It's cozy and warm and fitted so of course it's right up my alley. I wore it to the library one night and I got so many compliments about how cozy it looked, and it most definitely was. 

But guess what?! You can win one yourself! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see the post and rules today!


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  1. The monogrammed rain jacket is TO DIE FOR! I don't own anything monogrammed and I'm actually considering getting a monogrammed rain jacket (even though it rains maybe 5 days a year in San Diego) after seeing yours. If I could fill the rest of this comment space with heart-eyed emojis and the girl holding her head with excitement (I think, I hope b/c that's how I use her) I totally would!

  2. The monogrammed rain jacket, too bad I only have my first and my last name.


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