Saturday, October 4, 2014

Breakin' Rules

I've always been afraid of trying white nail polish because I was worried it would look like white-out, but oh so many fabulous bloggers make it look just that- oh so fabulous. And yes, it's fall and past the Labor Day rule, but I was feeling adventurous and tried it and simply had to share my love of the new color. Because that's what blogging is all about, amirite?! Writing a post just because you love a certain color nail polish?!

Even sporting it during late Cookout runs. God bless mocha Oreo milkshakes shared with friends and God.

It's Sinful Colors and I think it looks a lot better with top coat.... remember when I wrote an entire post just about top coat? Still loving it. I just love nail polish a little too much:
 What are your thoughts on white nail polish? Or what are your fave colors?

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  1. Hahaha, I love this! A new favorite nail polish color is definitely what blogging is about and I may or may not use this as inspiration for a future post if I happen to fall in love with a color hhaha

  2. Loving the white nail polish. Right now I'm actually obsessed with burgundy and other dark reds. They are so pretty, and great fall colors!

  3. Love these photos! The white nail polish is so pretty.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink


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