Monday, October 27, 2014


What's better than a little bit of a wishlist on a fine Monday?

I don't know why I'm compelled to shotgun shell bracelets and jewelry, but I'm in love with this one from Bourbon & Boots. They seem to just be the perfect complement to an arm party and are so cute!

Alright, I know BaubleBar does no wrong, but when I saw these earrings on so many fashionistas, I was instantly drawn to them. They're just so classy and chic and have such an interesting look to them! 
Stripes are my addiction and I love this one from Gap and other similar shifts. Too cute and simple and would go great in any season!

Erghhhh, everyone always seems to have the cutest tartan plaid things, but especially cute shirts paired with everything in the fall. This one is Topshop from Nordstrom and I'm swooning.  

I'm a really big watch fan and I honest to goodness would buy every single one from Kate Spade if I could, but this one is scalloped. That's it. All you need. 

But..... Kate Spade is so expensive and I had to include another one, too, from Fossil.

The Madewell tote that's monogrammed is just so perfect for day-to-day things, and I'm really lusting over it.... I realized I don't have a good tote bag and love how classic this one is. 

What's your fave? Eeeek, I wish I could have it all!

Happy Monday,

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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Blech. I don't know what to write. I don't know what to post or what to do but I feel like I had to post something. I feel like I've just avoided everything with blogging because I just keep getting so behind. Like I won't even get on my dashboard to look at my poor stats or my neglected inbox or anything. I feel like I've lost confidence and creativity and a certain spark to my writing or blogging and I absolutely hate that.

I feel like I've been floating too much. Mondays start rough with lots of class and work, then actual work at my job, then just more class and homework and maybe a few social media posts but lots of studying. Then it gets to be Friday where I just sleep through the day because it's finally the weekend, and then Saturday comes and I put everything off and don't do much, then Sunday comes and I realize that it's time to do everything I put off on Friday and Saturday. And thus, a neglected blog and neglected everything else happens.

I'm not writing this to make excuses because I don't believe in excuses. I think this has all become a confidence thing and maybe another thing that I don't know the right word for. An assimilation thing where you become like everyone else and forget what you're really passionate about. Everyone here is passionate about their studies, but in that moment, I forget about what I really love. What riles me up and gets me excited and what I could talk for days about. The basic everyday drama of being a college freshman is not what makes my heart beat faster and make me smile from ear to ear, just like listening to the same pop music every night has no sort of feeling within me. Or what I'm supposed to wear out is the same as every other girl and that style is not an accurate representation of who I am... I just feel like everything has a tendency to become tasteless and boring and similar, in a sea full of different and creative people. My writing for classes becomes redundant and my readings are bland and I find myself missing the way I can write on a blog or read up on fashion and life blogs. I miss having a spark to every part of life and thinking about how I can turn everyday life experiences into something meaningful to share with others. Instead, it becomes bland and just like everything else. 

Again, I don't know how to explain it. I just realize that it's almost November and.... I don't like that. I refuse to believe that I've been in college for two months and before I know it, it'll be the second semester. And what will I have done with myself? Slept through the weekends and studied during the week? What will I have accomplished? Honestly, what even are my goals right now when all I can think about is making it through this next paper or next week of tests? What do I want from this four year experience and how do I achieve that? What am I really here for?

I miss passions and I miss setting aside time to do something different. There can be a lack of substance to things in college, and especially when you're spending every second in the same place. The 'bubble' is wonderful for so many things, but even when you feel like you're around everything that you could possibly need, there feels like there's something missing, and I'm still trying to figure out how to find that.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Relaxed Fits

The weather's being a little moody with us and is playing mind games. I leave my room in the morning absolutely freezing and then am sweating on my to lunch, and then get cold again at night. I NEVER KNOW WHAT TO WEAR.

But I love these pants. I love everything about them and they just bring joy into my life. And when I pair them with the most comfortable shirt, I'm even happier. This was just the perfect outfit for this weird weather.

Funny story about these photos: I was trying to get someone to take them and of course, abusing my friend about it to the point that I went to her room without knowing if she was in there... and then on the way down, we found these flowers that I grabbed, thinking they'd be a good blog prop. I guess there's a first for everything?

Tori, the friend I abused, loved trying to get up close and take 'em.

Shirt: brand is Soprano, similar // Pants: Gap // Sweater: Old Navy {similar} // Shoes: Jack Rogers

What do you wear when you just want something comfy?


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Old Salem

Okay I kind of really suck at blogging. And I hate it, but life and all. Life is weird and gets in the way. But I figured I'd share the last photos from our fall break in Winston-Salem!

We stopped for breakfast at the Bagel Station, this really cute and great bagel place, where I of course had to take and send a selfie to my mom.

I started an argument with the makers of this sign... um I thought I was Kentucky's finest?

We just visited Old Salem and had a great time looking at the beautiful and gorgeous historical sites!

Sweater: Old Navy // Jean Jacket: American Eagle // Skirt: Old Navy // Shoes: Forever 21

It was so nice to be back on campus... until I realized how lucky we had been to have such beautiful weather!


Friday, October 17, 2014

What a wonderful world

MONDAY WAS HIKING DAY! Tori drove us to Hanging Rock State Park, and all we really knew for sure was that there was a hanging rock and that we had bucket hats. That's really all you need, right? It was one of those perfect moments where we had eaten good food and were driving down the most beautiful back roads listening to the Avett Brothers and I was with my best friends and I knew it was all good in the world.

"This one looks like a heart!"

The hike there was incredibly gorgeous, but then we got to the top and it was breathtaking.

It was all foggy, though. Most people would consider that disappointing, but I was fascinated by having absolutely no clue how far up we were. You looked down and couldn't see anything, and looked up, and it looked the exact same. It was such an odd feeling to feel as if you were in the sky and have all white around you.

How crazy?! The rock stuck out so far and Tori was much more adventurous than Sarah and I (can't you see in this photo?!) going out... at least we all made it back alright.

Oh how good God is and how wonderful is the world He made!