Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What a week

WHAT A WEEK OH WOW OH WOW. It started off really slowly...and then all the sudden, Thursday got here (thank goodness), but now thinking about it, last Saturday seems like a month ago. Time is a weird, weird concept sometimes, but this week was just crazy busy.

The last weekend was a few themed nights-- America and beach, which we had lots of fun with.

And of course, fun weekends mean long Sundays of catching up and studying, but I loved this photo from all of us studying in the deanery. I guess we're all pretty similar?!

There is nothing better than starting a week off in fun colors and pineapples in my opinion. The weather during this time of year is difficult because it's chilly in the morning, blazing hot in the afternoon, then cold again at night, so it's hard to know how to dress. But I absolutely love this Lilly Pulitzer skirt and then this Old Navy sweater (it's so light) together!

And I guess the rest of the week can be summed up by lots of hats and lots of caffeine. I live in a hat during the week because bad hair days are of course solved by a ball cap, and I love my Southern Tide UR one. Also, I definitely did not and have never had a Starbucks addiction in the past, but with one on campus and open late hours and accepting dining dollars.... it may be getting there. Or rather, just fancy coffee of any kind. 

Then the weekend started and was fun.... but was even more fun because it was family weekend!! My parents and sister got to come (sadly without my brothers), but we had a blast regardless and it was great getting to see them in my new home after a month.

Words cannot describe how much I missed my sister, but just like that, we were back and laughing together again. 

{you forget how close you've become with a second family}

It was sad only getting to see them for such a short period of time, but still a nice weekend in general.

Them leaving and school work brought new stress on Monday, but walking out at the end of the day to see this beautiful campus made my whole day. Definitely one of those God moments where you feel His presence.

Hoping that this means for a good rest of the week!


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