Thursday, September 11, 2014

Richmond Red

It's football time! I absolutely love football season, and especially being from an SEC town, football games are an integral part of the fall, and of course, I love dressing up for them. It's kind of made me laugh being here because there are so many people from all over the country and world that have different football cultures.

A few weeks ago was the first home football game against Morehead State, which is actually in Kentucky and kind of funny for that to be our first game. I wore my red and white dress that I actually wear more than I should (and I wrote about here for the first time) and it was perfect for the heat.

Doesn't everyone just look spiffy in red and navy?! 

Then this past weekend, we went to another game, but this story is a little more fun. We had planned on going to Charlottesville to see Richmond play UVa, but couldn't get a ride and gave up on trying to find one Saturday morning. We were all sitting at brunch looking gross and pretty rough at 11:40 Saturday when we got a call that three spots for me and my two friends opened up on the bus... but they were leaving at 12:15 and it took 15 minutes to walk to where we were meeting. So my friend and I at brunch ran back to our dorm, showered, changed, and gathered ourselves to run to the opposite side of campus where we met our other friend, who got out of the car after a meeting and barely made it. And we got on the bus and just left. I mean, I normally need a week to plan out things like this, and within 20 minutes, we got on a bus to leave the city and it was a blast. I texted my friend at UVa and met up and just had a good day! We went home early because the sun was beating straight on us and we may or may not have been losing, but regardless, a really fun day.

I wore my favorite Tommy Hilfiger dress (written about here) and was also grateful for its cooling factor on an INSANELY hot day.

For both days, I just wore simple jewelry and my Target sandals. Totes cas.

What do you like to wear on gameday when it's hot?


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  1. AH! I wish I would have known you were going to the UVa game! I was supposed to go (had tickets and all!) and tailgate with family friends, but I ended up going home instead.

    1. Oh no!! We'll have to meet up some other time for sure!!! (I didn't even know I was going hahahha)

      xoxo, Meredith

  2. I love that first dress you wore! It's sooo cute.

  3. Thank you so much, dear!!

    xoxo, Meredith


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