Monday, September 15, 2014

Proclamation (and gratitude)

There was a point that hit me the other day that I realized, 'Wow, I'm actually in college and this is real'. There have actually been a couple times that that's happened, but this past Saturday I got the feels about actually getting to be here. We had Proclamation, which is kind of hard to explain, but it's the final transition stage and is a huge tradition for the freshman girls at Richmond, part of the Westhampton College (the women's part). Because Westhampton opened in 1914 and Richmond started letting women in this year, our class is actually the centennial crazy is that? That as just 18-year old girls, we get to celebrate this monumental thing and recognize how far women have come in receiving a college education. The ceremony is an incredible thing to be a part of, and I got goosebumps during the whole process.

Sitting next to some of my closest friends and looking down the row, I realized that I was in for the time of my life. That I am absolutely blessed to be here and receive a quality education from some of the world's finest and be a part of history. That these women sitting all around me are all here for the same purpose and we're all in it together. That the person I am today is by far nowhere who I was a few years ago and will be forever changed in a few years. I looked away from our side of white dresses over to the senior girls, all in black robes as a reminder of where they'll be in a few months and couldn't believe that that would actually be us, just naive young girls now, in a few years. We all got into this school somehow and I know that in my case, I had a sense of who I was then. High school is infinitely times more different than college, and I think that has to do with who you're spending your time around. Here we all are, coming from hundreds of different backgrounds, only a few weeks at this beautiful school under our belts, just barely on the email lists for the random clubs we signed up for and struggling through our first papers and exams, knowing that there is more than imaginable in store. In store for our academic, personal, social, and spiritual selves, and we're here to make a mark. Then we ate lunch at a reception that had invited back alumna from Westhampton College and that was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences I've been a part of. From them telling us of their stories from the 50s of the strict rules to their traditions to their ways of changing how education exists for women, I was blown away at how different, yet so similar, our experiences are and would be. And maybe everything I'm writing seems to be a promotion of the University of Richmond, but I think I'm writing it because I'm just so happy to be here. All the little things that have stressed me out the past few weeks have seem so inconsequential compared to the great education I'm receiving and to the people I'm spending my time around, and I think that goes for every college freshman right now. Obviously, I couldn't imagine spending my time anywhere else, but I know everyone feels that way... I guess we're all just so lucky to be doing this whole thing called 'college'.

serious shoutout to the girls that take photos for me, couldn't do it without ya

I bought this dress while in Destin because I knew that Proclamation would be the perfect excuse to buy a new white dress, right?! It's your fabulous TJ Maxx buy, and I paired it with my monogram necklace, big pearls, gold bangle, and Anne Klein watch, I swear, I wear these accessories all the time... I can't help it. My hair wasn't looking so fab, thanks to my oversleeping until 20 minutes before having to leave, but hey, if there were an award for being able to shower and dry your hair quickly, I'd so get it. Maybe I don't have the highest GPA or the fastest mile, but I would have the award for getting ready the quickest, and that looks fab on a resume... right?!

(Just kidding.)

These were some of the fabulous women I got to sit with during the ceremony and actually get to live with for this year!

And what an absolutely fabulous luncheon they had! 

I guess I'm just spending this weekend very blessed, and not in the typical 'hashtag blessed' way. One time a few years ago at a ropes course, an instructor randomly told us that if we had gratitude, our perspective on life would be boundlessly times different, and I try to live by that every single day. 

I'm not really sure where I had intended to go with this blog post other than share a little bit of a recap of Proclamation, but I just feel like I had to share something about it. So many people told me before leaving for college that they were excited for me and I didn't really understand how they could be so excited for someone else, but now I'm just living in these perpetual new experiences, whether it be silly things like getting sick for the first time away from home, or figuring out how to print in the library, or other things, like being with new friends in their time of need. 

I'm incredibly excited for each day that comes and each minute I get to life in this way.


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PS: I'm sorry for being so sentimental and emotional on every single blog post. It just happens, ya feel?


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