Monday, September 8, 2014

Dorm Part 1: Moving into college

I feel like I start out blog posts too frequently apologizing (and apparently apologize too much in general), so I'm not going to do that... except for a little bit. I love blogging and am going to keep it up, it had just been so hard with writer's block and every time I sat down with my computer, it was to read, so that's most definitely not fun.

But I'm going to work my way into sharing my dorm and move in! I was really overwhelmed by all of it. We were on vacation and then came back with a week left before we left, so it was such a weird feeling know I had to pack up my whole life. I had saved a million blog posts about packing and dorm life and I think the majority of the texts between my mom and I are links to college-related things, but we finally did it.

I guess the hardest part was not knowing where to start with packing. I've never had to move, so moving into college was just odd because I knew I couldn't bring everything but also that there were so many things I needed. I'm posting this now, even though most everyone's already moved in and current seniors aren't really thinking about moving in just because it's fresh in my mind and I can recall it for next year!

I knew I was going to raise my bed (using cinderblocks that gave 16" extra space), so we found three storage bins that I could keep under my bed-- highly recommend looking at under the bed storage. You don't even have to loft it, but raise it so you can fit a little bit more in that. Anyways, we packed all of my clothes (except for out-of-season sweaters) in those three boxes, which I was pretty proud of. It was a process of pulling things out of my closet, putting them on my bed, my mom folding them really small (I think every mom has this innate ability to fold clothes into even smaller items.... I wish I had that) and just packing them away in the bins. We decided on clear because I knew they wouldn't be seen and I needed to be able to see through them.

Seriously... so many hours of just folding, thanks so much to my sweet mama.

These were all my sweaters and sweatshirts. My mom was teasing me because I had so many (and I still definitely left a fair amount of cable knit sweaters behind... sad day), but I knew that I would need more than I had at home simply because I would be outside more in the winter than I would at home.

In all the articles and posts I read, everyone raved about space bags, so we went for it. They're actually not pricey at all (~$15?) and come with a tote for the three bags, and that tote is now in the top of my closet (photos to come later) for later when it gets colder. 

I actually did leave a fair amount of clothes at home. During the past year, I've tried to think about which things I've worn just for this, so it wasn't as difficult as I'd thought. If you're a senior, I would start thinking about what you wear frequently and what you've never worn.

And oh jeez... my jewelry. I knew that would be hard to leave behind, so I definitely didn't leave many pieces at home. Especially because jewelry is smaller than clothes and can change up outfits, I didn't feel bad bringing a lot. I just took this little tub and filled it with all of my big necklaces and bracelets and watches. My earrings and dainty necklaces went into a separate little pouch, but I'll show that later.

And then the journey there...

Because my whole family was going and I had a lot of stuff, we brought our mini van and also rented a car. We put down the back seats in the van and packed it with the boxes and other things I had. I'll include a more specific list later, but we just piled it all in there. In the other car, there wasn't much because 3 or 4 us were actually in it, we just kept our luggage (from staying the night) in the trunk. 

And a few snapshots from my mother (I definitely wasn't awake for that sunrise photo), featuring my great 5 AM look and pajamas, but also a full car. We drove up that Saturday and stayed the night in a hotel in Richmond, but had to return the rental car that night, so it's safe to say that the next morning was interesting. 

I honestly have never felt like this before. With just that one seat up, we had to somehow fit all 6 of us in the car and we were absolutely crammed, it felt a little bit like a clown car, but hey, that's what big families are for, right?!

(I don't think they were as excited as I was)

Then that Sunday was move-in day, so we took everything we'd had in the car and put it in my little room! 

There were so many of us that it was challenging knowing where everyone should go... and I found my little brother just sitting very content behind my door.

You honestly would've thought there were three people living here with all the stuff, not just one.

And finally being moved in had her like....

Hehe, more photos to come later! (Also I'm getting a roommate in a few days so it may change a little!)


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  1. I loved seeing all these pictures!
    P.S. Your family is so cute!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you dear!! They're the cutest :)

      xoxo, Meredith

  2. Good luck in college! I really enjoy the post! The pics are great! I wish you happy times!


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