Friday, September 12, 2014

A little bit of Lex lovin

I love Virginia and I love Richmond. But like every person that moves away, there's still a little bit of home in them, no matter the pride of where they're going. I've felt lucky in that I haven't felt very homesick, but when I woke up with this link in my inbox of the most gorgeous photos of Lexington, KY, it was bittersweet.

People here ask me about Kentucky like it's a foreign place, mostly just because they've never met anyone from there (remember when I wrote about the weird questions I got at LBW?) and they may tease me for a Southern accent that I don't have, but I love it so much, and was so happy to see it in this article on Movoto--

And then Sarah Belle, from Kentucky, tweeted the link to this video, which is from Transylvania, also in Lexington:

And then I have these photos that always remind me of home!

Happy Friday,

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