Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Twitter Toxicity

I am a de-clutterer. I also collect clutter, but my feelings toward stuff ranges from 'keeping everything because every little thing has sentiment' to 'if I don't absolutely need it, get rid of it'. Getting rid of things I don't need is comforting and soothing to me, so it's natural that I do it in all aspects of my life, whether that be my room, car, purse, someone else's house (whoops), kitchen, and even social media.

See, here's the thing about social media. It's a wonderful tool and I use it for everything, for this blog and business, keeping up with friends, finding out news, reading articles, and I like to share my own parts of my life on it, as well. Speaking mostly about Twitter, it's my feed and I enjoy social media. I find it relaxing to read tweets on my feed, which is exactly why I'm all about decluttering your social media accounts. 

You don't like it when someone leaves all their stuff at your house, right? I love my friends, but whenever something of theirs is left here, I try to get rid of it and give it back as soon as I can. It's my house and I want to fill it with things that make me happy or that I enjoy. And when that friend constantly leaves their crap all around something that you want nice and neat, it's a little frustrating. The same goes for your Twitter feed. I don't want this to come across in a negative light, but you have to treat your social media as your own social media. Some people take it so personally when you unfollow them, but I have to think about in terms of myself. Obviously, if someone were to take an excerpt of this post, they would think of this as selfish and typical of someone my age to say, but hear me out.

We're constantly reminded to remove toxic people from our lives. If someone is bringing you down, not letting you live your dreams, makes you feel bad about yourself, or is just not a positive person in your life, we're told to not continue making them a part of your life. Why should it be any different for social media? If I don't really know someone very well, but all of their tweets or Facebook posts are negative, hurtful, hateful, petty, or aren't bringing good to my own feed, I'm not going to continue letting that into my life. Your social media should be an accurate representation of who you are, so don't let negativity turn into your life. That's not to say that I'm going to unfollow every single person that tweets a few times about having a bad day, but if you're constantly posting having a horrible attitude about bad things about your life and other people, subtweeting, starting fights, and I don't know you really well, I'm sorry. I just don't understand why if I choose to have social media, I have to put up with that kind of stuff. I know that it may "ruin your ratio" and you may choose to now have something against me, but truth be told, you probably didn't need me in your life with a 'follows you' next to my name, and I'm probably not great friends with you to begin with. Again, if we're supposed to get rid of toxicity in our lives, shouldn't we try to remove toxicity from a feed we read every single day?

I read my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds for enjoyment, not negativity. Hopefully I'm not someone that's ever negative via social media and you don't unfollow me just for this post, but think about it and take it seriously. Someone posted the other day, "Honestly it's the saddest thing in the world that being unfollowed on a social network is viewed as some sort of poetic stab or a dramatic final blow." Ummm, can I get a RETWEET on that?! Don't unfollow your friends in a moment of getting frustrated with them, because really, if that's the best way you can deal with your problems, I'm really sorry for you.

Twitter is there for us to enjoy and use at our own pleasure, not read fights that we don't want to or feed into meanness on the Internet. It's just not cool.


PS: I hope I don't get any negative feedback from this (the irony), but let me know what you think of this whole thing!

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