Monday, August 25, 2014

~so college~


Excuse the poor introduction for a very rambly blog post, but I just don't even know where to begin with this. I finally have internet on my computer thanks to the Help Desk here (seriously I will probably need this place a whole lot) and am so thankful for that and to have time. So I'll just go with the random and huge things that have happened since I last posted (last Monday.... wow it makes me cringe). And I know that the new friends I've made will probably laugh if they read this because they haven't experienced the full Monogram Meredith blogging nonstop, but oh well.

So Sunday, I moved in. That was crazy hectic and full of panic and anxiety as we tried to move in and buy everything I needed within just a few hours and then still look presentable to the people I was going to be with for the next four years, but it all went well. I got to move in early for a pre-orientation program and am SO grateful for it because it gave me a good amount of time to get settled in and make friends before everyone else moved in. It was difficult because we had zero free time (and I'm talking 8 AM to midnight busy) and I actually just unpacked yesterday... whoops. I guess this is the time I say that I also don't have a roommate: long story short, I was going to have one but now I don't so it means I'm living in a double by myself. I had been really worried about it at first because then I couldn't even have an automatic friend and was fending for myself and hoping that people didn't hate me, but it's actually pretty peaceful and not lonely at all, seeing as though I just walk into my friends' rooms and then have my own quiet room and place to spread out. All that to say is that I didn't have to keep the whole room clean then, but now that it's put together (for the most part), I feel much better about it. I have a whole slew of things to write about each part of my room, but I'll save that for individual posts later and just show the few photos I have now (that have actually changed in the few days since).

And seriously, guys, I have a billion pictures of my whole family moving in and random tips that we learned along the way, so this is just a very short preview of my room and its decorations! 

Our program was Monday, Tuesday, and the morning of Wednesday, and we had a blast. Wednesday through Saturday was orientation, which was equally as exhausting, but amazing. I feel like I've talked to lots of people older than me and read about people's college experiences and had somewhat of an idea of what to expect, but words cannot begin to describe how different it is than I thought-- or even how much more real it is. Moving in was weird because it was my new home and things I never thought I would need (because they were always at home), I had to actually buy. The only thing that seems to be really similar to home is that I am living in a room by myself and I'm treating it as an escape in that same sense. I'm someone who loves to socialize and be with friends, but I have to be by myself at times, and I got really lucky in that it can be my dorm room. I may have a roommate at another point, but for now, I'm enjoying the intentional solitude at times. 

I also am overwhelmed by the incredible people I've met. I knew I would meet people, but not near as many as I have, and not form as many close friendships as I have in just a short period of time. The University of Richmond has just under 3,000 undergraduate students, which is slightly bigger than my high school, but comparing UR to high school is like comparing apples and oranges. Everyone here seems to be on the same level because they want to be learning and studying at a higher institution, rather than because they're mandated by the law, and every single person I've met has been so kind, genuine, and eager to find friendships, and I could not be more grateful for getting to experience this. What I've also found is that people here tend to be in the same mindset of being mindful of their academics, so it doesn't feel like high school where you're the odd one out for studying and working hard.

Orientation was weird because we knew it wasn't going to be like a normal week, but it was nice because we didn't have free time to get homesick or feel lonely-- the girls in my orientation group are all the girls on my hall, so naturally, we've all become close and it's refreshing to have them there, plus all the other people I've met as well.

Here are a few pictures from pre-orientation with my group. We had an excursion and I got to go to the state capitol, which was pretty cool because the city of Richmond is just as beautiful and the history of the building is pretty neat, too. We also had a scavenger hunt (hence the pyramid) and other random things.

Again, the people I've met here are incredible and we've had so much fun!

Saturday night, we had Vegas night, which included costumes brought to you by Goodwill.

Sunday was wonderfully relaxing, seeing as though we didn't have to be up by 7 or sit through any presentations, so my friend Tori and I enjoyed a walk around the lake in the beautiful weather.

And today was my first day of classes! It was a very odd feeling to eat breakfast at 8:30 and then be done for the day at 11:45! I wore my Sarta Designs skirt with a yellow Banana Republic oxford. I'm currently sitting outside in 85 degree weather and can't even believe this is all real. Real to have college classes and spend my time in the dining hall trying desserts and sharing with friends and to actually be here and not in Kentucky. Which is also pretty eye-opening-- even though we're in the South, everyone here is from the Northeast, and about 60% of people here are from New Jersey. Okaaaay, that may be a made up statistic, but that's how it feels! I love it though because it gives so many different perspectives and dialects that you don't notice when you live in the same city your whole life. 

I'm obviously still trying to figure this whole thing out and know I'll have struggles with different things as they come, but for now, I'm really loving every minute of it.  

Any tips or advice?! 

Happy Monday,


  1. ayeee you're hanging out with so many of my fellow jersey people!! i'm so glad you're having an amazing time! :)

  2. Congratulations! I know someone that goes to Richmond and really enjoys it. Love all of these photos, and I hope you have a great year!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  3. Ahhhh, this reminds me of my freshman year of college - can't believe that was 4 years ago! Can't wait to see more of your adventures.

    Pink Champagne Problems

  4. Love love love your dorm! It's so cute and your first day of classes outfit is super cute as well!!

  5. So awesome to have followed your journey through high school and now off to University of Richmond. All of your tips are really helping me get through that final stretch of high school (also in Lexington, KY) ! You inspired me to start writing my own blog and I hope you check it out!
    xo Baigin

  6. Your dorm is way too cute! I am so excited to follow your adventures at UR- you are going to love it!! Hope to see you at Homecoming! :)


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