Friday, August 8, 2014

How To: Organize Your Photos

My sister and I, like any other photo-obsessed person with an iPhone, are constantly running out of space on our phones due to way too many pictures. Honestly, I don't think it'll ever be at a point where I have less than 3,000.... too many screenshots and things I wouldn't ever want to delete! But there are ways to get all of your photos online on web albums so that you can access them anywhere, and I've found my saving grace. Especially with blogging when so many of my photos for my blog are from my phone, the quicker I can get them online for my blog, the better. Especially with being able to quickly edit pictures on my phone and upload them, there are a few ways to keep your photos organized and not cluttering up your phone, so I'll walk you through exactly what I do.

using your phone
I try to take most of my blog outfit pictures with our nice camera, but for a lot of normal, everyday pictures, they're with my iPhone 5s. I take a lot of them, then go back when I have a few minutes and use Afterlight to edit them. I know a lot of people are all into different apps, but my sister bought Afterlight for $1 a long time ago, and it's worth every single penny. I don't use any other photo editing apps and keep it organized in my most used folder on my phone... it's also where I keep my Picasa Web Albums app.

After I edit them, sometimes I'll crop for different things, and after all that is finished, I have lots of copies of the same sort of photo, so I try to go back and delete the repeats, which helps when you're only looking at the small versions later. I used to always have my phone cord with me and would directly use my phone as a USB for my computer, where I would organize the photos into folders on my computer hard drive. 

I absolutely love using Picasa/Google Web Albums. I don't know if it's directly still related, but it's hooked up with my Google Plus account, which means it's hooked up to my blog account. This allows for easier importing into your blog, rather than using the 'Upload' section. My least favorite thing is I used to still use all of my photos with 'Upload' and my computer would lose all the things I had spent so much time trying to get on there. Besides, all of your photos that you upload that way automatically go into an album on Google Plus, so you might as well upload them into albums beforehand. This also allows for you to do the writing component of your blog post while photos upload. Here are a few screenshots of what it looks like when you upload them via your computer (which is beneficial to start out with and when you're importing photos from a camera).

uploading from your computer
This is just a shot of my albums- you can see how I've organized them into big events and months. For blog photos that have more than just a couple, I created a new album so that I could sort through them. I by no means post all of them on my blog post (I mean, can't you see the 54 photos for one post?!), but it's nice to have all of them there. 

You can also use Google Drive to upload pictures. I don't do it that often because I mostly use Drive for documents, but it's still an option, especially if you've been sent photos via Gmail or already have existing photos there.

You can also edit photos with Google Web Albums and do a couple different things. It's not necessarily the best photo editing tool, but to lighten up or crop or sharpen a photo, it works and the changes are automatically saved!

Like I said, I don't use use my cord anymore to download my pictures from my phone to my computer, and then upload them to Google albums, I use the app. It's $3 or something, but DEFINITELY well worth the money because you can upload them (one or two or twenty) as you take/edit them and saves a lot of time. 

This is what the app looks like when opened, and it's great because you can share any of them and then click on them and save it back to your phone-- I actually do this a lot so I can delete most of my photos and if I need one again, just save it. 

This is what my camera roll looks like after I've taken lots of photos and why there's such a benefit to doing this.

They're all so similar, so by uploading lots of them and then deleting the duplicates, you can save lots of space and lots of scrolling.

organizing photos on your computer
Now, as for using organizing photos on your computer, to keep it organized, it takes a little bit of time so you don't go crazy looking at all your pictures! It's definitely beneficial that I have my own computer, but I know that isn't the case for everyone, but the system still works. I've attached some screenshots of how I saved photos to my computer in the year and a half I've had it. Keeping your computer organized requires a little bit of maintenance, just like anything else, so going back through and deleting and moving and renaming photos you had saved as 'dfjdlkjldkjl' is important. (Note: Don't save them like that. If you have to save quickly, just put a word.)

I left some of them in there just to see that I don't organize each one, but my albums are a little random. 'Blog' is for really old pictures I had and for things like backgrounds, logos, etc. 'Camera Roll' are taken with my computer's webcam, 'Freshman Year' is actually the album I made just now for college, 'Old' is just old, random photos, 'Real Photos' are also just random, but actually pictures of family and friends, 'Screenshots' is when I didn't have an iPhone and had to screenshot everything on my computer, 'TB' are throwbacks, and then 'Senior Year' is probably my most organized folder because it was when I tried to keep it like that more, so here's a shot of what the inside of that folder loos like.

 These are divided up by months, with the exception of spring break and graduation folders. These are helpful because any photo I take or download while in that month simply goes in that folder. But then, if there are large chunks of photos for blog posts or events, they still go in that folder. Here's a look at the inside of the July folder.

You can see that it holds four albums of different things, and then a few collages I had made for blog posts {example: here}. Another thing that I use from time to time is Picasa, the actual software for your computer. You can edit them and then save them back to your hard drive, which is nice because the photos are already there and you don't have to mass upload them and then edit them!

There are probably a lot more things I can do with Picasa, but I just haven't looked into all of it!

And in the writing of this blog post, it was funny how compatible both systems I talked about are. You can see how I have phone screenshots and then computer screenshots all in one album that easily go into a blog post such as this! 

Not having my photos organized or running out of space seriously makes me go crazy. I try to make it a habit of going into my camera roll every night or so and deleting things I don't need-- most of these include screenshots of conversations or addresses or anything I needed during the day. If you delete these as days go on, you don't find yourself in a couple of months with 5,000 photos and no idea as to where to start. I mean, you can even see where I uploaded screenshots that I wanted to keep. Uploading your photos onto online services is a great thing for not only clearing up space on your phone, but for deleting things you don't want to see all the time. You know they're still there and you can access them if you want, but I think it can help a lot when there are photos or screenshots that bring back memories you may not want to be reminded of every time you get on your camera roll.

Now I want to know what y'all use for your photos! There are plenty of online photo hosting services but I just love Google's compatibility with Blogger! What do you use and how do you stay organized with photos?


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  1. This is SO helpful! I am constantly maxing out my phone space and rushing to delete things in important moments!

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