Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 1 with my day 1s

OOOOOH, how I love the beach. It makes everyone happy and I like being happy.

I first had to share my excitement over being a rep for the Southern Society Company! I have one of their bows and was pumped when I was selected to represent them, and the best part for y'all is that you can get 15% off your order using the code 'SCROGGIN15'! I got this cute coozie and other decals that I can't wait to share (...once I figure out where to put them), but go ahead and be checking out their shop and following them on Instagram! My mom was the funniest thing when I told her about it. She likes my blogging and maybe doesn't understand the whole blogger world thing, but I showed her this shop and she was freaking out about all of the decals she could get for everything she owns. AMEN, SISTA.

So then after an afternoon of lounging on the beach, we washed up and headed to dinner... on the beach. And how beautiful it was at Pompano Joes! I loved the colors and actually being right on the ocean.
IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS?! Didn't think so. It makes me miss playing volleyball a tad bit, but I just love watching. 

It also made for a carb-tastic dinner, in which my brother asked the question of the night- "Do they make vegetarian seafood?" I just enjoy my pasta and hush puppies that are sure to help my #beachbod this summer.

This was that dress from a graduation party that I couldn't get over.... and that I of course had to pack for the beach! The back kills me with the cute little bows- even my brother told me he liked it, and when you get the "17-year-old-that-doesn't-care" approval, you know you've made it. It's from the saving grace of TJ Maxx, and I paired it with my bow earrings from Lilly Pulitzer because a girl's gotta match, eh?

The number of selfies we've already taken this trip is extreme. But I mean look how close we were to the ocean just eating dinner. Utter bliss.

It's so nice being able to enjoy this trip with my family as a final hurrah of summer. Because our Europe plans were put off, it's great us being at the beach and having my grandmother with us, too, seeing as though this is the beach where she and my grandfather spent so many summers together. Family is just so good.

What are your favorite things about the beach?


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  1. Y'all are all so precious. I love it! Wishing y'all an awesome time with lots of bright, sunshiny days! (:

    xoxo, Sarah |

  2. That dress is gorgeous!! What brand?


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