Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Ways

Hey, random post, but a post no less. So I had to keep it numbered to remember it all! (Also, my post title had to incorporate alliteration, so 'ways' it was. I think it's one of those unwritten rules of blogging.)

2. Enjoy some preteen pics and pics from last night... all featuring the same dress, of course.

And da da da....

Guys, I can't believe I'm actually posting this, but it's too funny to not post. I got this dress for Easter (or for a friend's Bar Mitzvah... um I guess those two things are very different, but regardless, it was the same month) of 7th grade, meaning this picture was taken over five years ago. I would like to blame the awkwardness on the fact that there was a time in my life where I actually could not keep my eyes open for one single picture, and thus, they all look like this, but everyone knows that 7th grade is an excuse all of its own. But please do note the fabulous bed spread in the background, the awkwardly placed headband, and to top it all off, the posters featuring my faves, Ashley Tisdale, the Jonas Brothers, and Aly & AJ. Doesn't get more classic than that! I wanted my mom to take a new picture of me in this dress in my room (because it's still that color pink...), but figured this would have to do:

Also, I found my Young Achievers pictures where I wore this dress again ("Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!!")-

It all just makes me laugh.

3. Yo so maybe my blog isn't cool enough or what have you, but there are awards for these sorts of things, and maybe it'd be kinda sorta cool if you nominated me for a Bloglovin' award (preferably the lifestyle category)! All you have to do is click here, enter "" in any of the categories, enter your name, and email, and voilĂ ! You've just made my day infinitely times better.

4. WE MADE IT! If you didn't read my post yesterday, here it is. But also let's celebrate in that PANERA read my blog post and retweeted me! Honestly I think I've peaked now. 

5. And finally, my favorite part of this post, an outfit post... that you can actually buy right off me.

This outfit is funny because the shirt is a smidge too small and the skirt is too big, but it's such a cute springy Lilly outfit!

What's a sad girl to do when the skirt just falls down after you're holding it up?

This skirt is a size 10, excellent used condition, and I'll be selling it for $50 shipped!

This shirt is a size small (but if you can see, I'm usually a medium and it fit me snugly), excellent used condition, and I'm selling it for $25 shipped!

GREAT DEALS, Y'ALL! I'll be posting them to my @monogrammeredithshop Instagram, so to purchase (or negotiate), email me at, comment your PayPal on the Instagram, or contact me some other way! 

Gotta make room for some other goodies, hopefully I can pass down some great pieces to someone else!


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