Monday, July 14, 2014

Wedding Enthusiast

Oh, weddings, guys. I know I'm only 18 and have a looong time before I'm getting married, but this whole weekend just made me love weddings even more!

I kind of laughed because it was my second cousin, Sarah, getting married, and we don't get to see that side of the family much other than big events, but Sarah and I have followed each other on Pinterest for a while and always joked that that's how we knew each other. So when she got engaged, I knew her wedding would be Pinterest-perfect and just gorgeous, and it so was. I didn't get many photos, but the few I did:

I am in love with this photo of my brothers. We were getting ready, and Brandon was helping Sloan with his bow tie and it was just perfect and so sweet. They both looked up at the same time as I was snapping the photo, and they look like they could be in a magazine or something. Biased? Maybe, but they sure are cute.

Um..... does it get much cuter than a free photo booth?! I don't think so. We so abused this, but had so much fun with it!

The venue for the reception was absolutely beautiful- everything seemed to be champagne colored (including the bridesmaids dresses!) and just gorgeous!

Enjoying a fancy dinner with my fancy daddy, even if he is trying to be a little thug.

And my sweet, sweet Mama!

SQUAD UP?! Okay, but really, I love my siblings all the time, but they're so much fun, especially when you're all dancing so much!

The beautiful bride, me, Claire (Sarah's sister), and Shelby (my sister)! Shelby and I laugh because I think Sarah and Claire are the older versions of us. We especially died during the maid of honor speech where Claire shared memories that my sister and I definitely have of each other.

And of course, I couldn't go anywhere without having a big bag of stuff packed.

This all made me think of how I would plan my wedding.... and my sister, too--

....including embarrassing stories from when I was little. YOU JUST WAIT and see if I'll even choose you to be my maid of honor.

Regardless, again, I'm only 18 and in no rush to get married anytime soon, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to perhaps pick out a color scheme and a dress?! I may have already planned my dream wedding on my Pinterest board, but sometimes that can only serve as inspiration because there are so many broken links or links to crazy expensive things. There's no set organization, especially if you're just throwing everything onto one board. Ahh, introducting, a website that's basically a Pinterest, but for weddings, where you can plan out and save different aspects in different ways. I was amazed when I got an email from Carolyn at about how their website works. The greatest thing is that yes, I can save all I want, but it's so incredibly personalized. When you log onto, you take a short quiz that shows you what kinds of things you may want in your wedding. Modern or classic? Bright colors or pastels? All of these results show you great products you can actually buy, looks you can sort through, and more, all with an actual look and link to take you back to it. seems to be the best place for you to plan a wedding with so many vendors linked up to one place. 

I don't have much yet, but I'm excited to keep looking at more!

And another great thing? You don't even have to be getting married yourself. When I created my account, I most definitely checked that my reason was 'wedding enthusiast'!

My results basically showed me that I love the classic and simple, yet elegant sort of looks. I'm really thinking navy has to be a definite color scheme in my wedding...


But now I want to know what you think! What are your wedding thoughts? What kind of wedding do you want to have?!


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  1. The scenery of your cousin's wedding looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!! I will admit, I'm 18 too, and I'm always looking at Twitter and Instagram accounts that are "wedding themed". It's just so sappy and cute!!!!!!!!!

    1. It was indeed gorgeous! And I'm with ya on that!! :)

      xoxo, Meredith


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