Thursday, July 17, 2014

This one goes out to my Spanish teacher

When I was in middle school, we had a strict dress code of khaki or navy pants with an orange, white, or blue polo, tucked in with a belt. Little fashionista Meredith was not going to have that, but definitely wasn't going to break the rules, either. So, with all the innocence of an 11 year old trying to express herself, I turned to becoming religious with my nails. 

Each week, I painted my nails a new color. It had to be brand new and it definitely couldn't be the same color as last week. Sometimes it would be festive (I specifically remember painting my nails lime green the week of St. Patrick's day) and sometimes it would just be a new fun color. I grew my nails really long and honestly, people would ask me if they were fake and instead of just saying "no", I said "no, I eat a lot of cheese." LIKE OKAY hold the phone, Meredith, no one needs to know the science behind the calcium in your nails. Anyway, I really loved painting my nails all throughout middle school. It was my little thing that I could call my own and have my own colors for when I was normally stuck to the three same boring colors.

But I guess in high school and not having a dress code comes rebellion, ya know, caused my nail obsession to decrease a little bit. I like the way my nails look with them polished, but I am definitely not going to spend the money to have them done, and I didn't like how they always chipped. My brother's girlfriend even chastised me for not having my nails done at prom, but it's just like, ehhh, I'm so over it.

BUT I'M A CONVERT. I think my nails dictate my attitude sometimes, as sad as that may seem. I just feel better with them painted and all pretty. And heck, one of my best friends, at the right time said the right thing when we were getting pedicures, "If your toes look good, who needs boys?" Can I get an AMEN?!

So here are my tips for keeping your nails looking good, after I became rededicated to this fine manicure art.

1. Push back and cut your cuticles. Your nail won't seem to grow out as fast and it makes your nail beds look better.

2. File them so they're not sharp. This is my biggest habit- picking them at the edges because they're slightly sharp. 

3. Apply whatever color you want. My family used to be strictly '$1 NYC brand', but I like investing a little more, even as cheap as I am. I still haven't tried Essie, but I like OPI, and sometimes you can get it cheaper at Marshall's! 

4. TOP COAT TOP COAT TOP COAT. My AP Spanish teacher saved me on this one, but it's the only way you can get your nail polish to stay on. I stupidly bought the matte one at first, so it takes away the shininess, but it's still phenomenal.

5. Second layer. This is mostly because I like having a shiny layer on top of the matte, but it's also good to have that extra color.

6. Let dry for... forever. Because there's more paint on your nails, it'll take longer to dry. This just means it's a perfect time to act helpless and watch TV without feeling bad. Because doing your nails is basically a chore... right?

Alright, so from the girl that's not a beauty blogger, that's about it. Really this post was just about how top coat saved my life and my nails.

Umm... do I have a color scheme maybe?

Plus, they make any sort of Instagram that much more colorful.

This is that best friend that gave the wise advice! How cute are her nails and colorful life?

Right now, I'm loving this cobalt blue. It's such a soft blue, but bright, too!

What do you think about nail polishes? Favorite colors or brands?



  1. I discovered the wonder of investing in a really good top coat a few years ago too! It completely changes a home manicure and makes even really cheap nail polishes look expensive and last longer. And if you reapply the clear coat every few days you manicure can last forever...well not literally but one time I got almost two weeks!

    1. Ahh, that's such good advice!! Thanks!!

      xoxo, Meredith


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