Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things are gonna be different

It's all starting to hit me suddenly. I mean, I know it hit me a few months ago and all this year, but yesterday, I realized that by next Thursday, I'll know who I'm living with and what my classes are (registration is Monday, pray for me). But sometimes I'll be sitting in my room thinking about things I want to update or clean, and it's a very weird realization that ....I won't be living here anymore. This will always be my room, and yes, I'll come home, and honestly I have no clue what I'll do after graduating college, but I won't live here in the same way ever again. I moved into this house when I was five and grew up here. I love this house and this family and this town so much and it's so weird to think that I'll be leaving it. Moving out... like not just for a month, but moving out for real. I'm honestly so excited that I can't stand it, but I know that it'll all be so different and just such a change. I realized I have a lot to share about my high school experience that I couldn't/didn't want to share until I graduated, but then a lot happened with my grandfather getting sick and other things happening that I just didn't have time for it. I'm trying to make the most out of my remaining time here, like blog as much as I can and do all the things I can here. I mean, this is the end of an era right here:

My sweet brother has always served as my wonderful photographer for most things Monogram Meredith with the tradeoff being that I film Vines for him. What once used to be frustrating, I've realized we both rejoice in each other's successes and abilities to do what we love. As much as I'm going to miss having him take photos for me, I'm really going to miss filming Vines for him. 

Lots of things will be weird, too, being able to go for a drive (I won't have a car), being able to sit in my room alone, being able to take long showers, being able to bake, all of it will be so different. And I know, I know, I'll have a blast! But erghhh it's all so changing! New is good, though, I'm ready for new adventures and a new place and new people (I have one friend from home going to UR... but thankfully I've talked to others going that I can't wait to meet!) and new food (obvi). New is scary, but new is good.

Again, I'm so thankful for this blog in my life as a constant. I loved having it as my constant at LBW last summer (thank you, Timehop, for reminding me) and I know that this blog only brings a source of happiness and therapy and enjoyment for me-- it keeps me sane! 

I'm furiously trying to figure out what I'm going to do with all the things I still have left to accomplish-- ummm, dorm shopping hasn't happened yet, and neither has any packing or anything. I'm saving every college packing list I can find on my Pinterest board and dreaming of all these unreasonable and over the top things I'd like to do in my dorm, but hey, a girl can dream, right? Still, random little things are freaking me out (do I carry a backpack or tote?! What's normal??) so fingers crossed I just figure it out somehow. 

THINGS ARE CHANGING AND I'M EXCITED and I'm excited to share it with y'all! Though I'm leaving my friends and family to go 500 miles away, I'm thankful to have people that read my blog stay with me, wherever you are!

Help a sista out- do you have a college packing list or any advice?!



  1. Pack me for college

    1. Oh, won't you stay with me?
      'Cause you're all I need

  2. Carry a backpack…I'd recommend North Face or Patagonia for durability and quality, but Vera Bradley for cuteness (mine has held up well for two years). If I had to do it again though, I'd get a North Face one. It has pockets for water, snacks, etc on the side, which you will find out is really important when you can't get back to your room during the day!

    xo, Sarah |

    1. Ahh this is so helpful!! I carried a North Face backpack in high school and it served me so well, thank you!!

  3. This is such an exciting time for you, Meredith! Moving to college is terrifying but exhilarating!
    The top item on my college packing list: power strip! My college was kinda particular on the kind that we get so make sure its one where you can cover the outlets that aren't being used (it's some type of fire hazard or something if it doesn't have the covers or something…). Anyways, if you ever have any college questions feel free to email me or ask on my Tumblr (! XOXO

    1. This is such good advice, thank you!! And I will! :)


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