Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Shopping! (From your other bloggers)

This is a real big shoutout to all bloggers, and especially those that post about sales all the time. I really love you (and sometimes hate you for making me aware of sales) for helpin' girls like me out, and especially when you pick your favorites on certain sales. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of those perfect examples where I browse my favorite blogger's favorites to prevent endless scrolling for days. Here are a few of the guides that were on my Bloglovin' feed for their picks for the Nordstrom sale! Do you have a post with your picks or one I missed?! Share it in the comments!!

Here's your typical stock photo due to a lack of me having a good one to use. I Googled 'happy shopping', and I think this photo describes it perfectly.

EDIT: Just looking through the Tory Burch sale and I found this bag. My chest honestly hurts because of how beautiful it is. I love it. It's gingham and a crossbody and Tory. God Bless.

Happy shopping,


  1. Aw thanks for including me in your post!! I love to see everyones favorites!

    Devon Alana

  2. Yes, we literally found a window that we just hadn't noticed before. Luckily, it happened to be in our washroom, which desperately needed a window for added light anyway!oak furniture deals


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