Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feelin Blue

I love it when my sister takes blog photos for me. She always knows how I want them to look, and I'm always grateful for her and her pictures. 

Pants: Gap (similar) // Shirt: Izod (similar) // Shoes: Jack Rogers // Necklace: Thrift find // Bag: Dooney & Bourke (thank you to my sweet grandmother for this one!)

I wear these blue pants probably a little too often, but I'm absolutely obsessed with them. They fit perfectly and even though it was sweltering hot, they felt cool and weren't horrible! It doesn't hurt when I wear my cute Jack Rogers that I bought in April! They're an old Vera Bradley print and I love all of the different colors in them because I can wear them with so many solids. Here's another outfit from a few months ago I where I wore these pants and shoes:

So yes, if you find me wearing these pants about three times a week, I'm really sorry not sorry. 

What do you always try to style differently each time?


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