Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Shorts

I'm really tired of guys and people in general having a huge attitude about high-waisted shorts. For the love of everything good, they're SHORTS, and even if you don't like them on someone else, whatever, deal with it. I like them not because they're trendy, but because they fit better, ya know?! No one wants tight shorts digging right below your waist when they can be much more flattering higher up. 

So for the fourth of July, sweet friend Hallie and I decided to do the typical "buy a pair of old jeans and cut them up" that's trending among all girls our age, but they turned out pretty well! We had to go into Goodwill and try on several pairs to see if they fit and were high waisted, but she found a light colored pair and I found a darker pair. It's important to make sure that the jeans you get don't have to be tight in the thighs... and definitely shouldn't be. Try to get them small in the waist and loose in the legs.

She's wearing the ones she made... mine are store bought, but all the same!

We looked up how to cut them and this site said 12 inches from the top and then mark it with chalk (we used Sharpie). We quickly realized that these were insanely long for us to roll up because they were so tight!

Eventually, we kept cutting them little by little until we had pairs that looked seemed alright.

...And lots of jean to throw away.

They turned out well for the fourth of July concert!

What do you think of the high-waisted shorts? I mean, for $3, they ain't too bad!


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