Saturday, July 12, 2014

Big Announcement!

I find myself getting more and more excited for college and for being able to move into my dorm. My mom and I are getting excited about dorm shopping and looking at bedspreads and all that jazz, and I know all my friends are, too! After years of lusting over all the cool stuff in Target, it's finally my turn! Which made me think of how much I love Monogram Meredith being a large part of my style-- I think it's time Monogram Meredith be a large part in a home's style!

Yes, PILLOWCASES! I'm really excited that these are now a part of the Monogram Meredith shop. There are two types, for now. One that's larger and then one that's a little bit smaller (so you can still have your cool background and maybe a little bit less of a monogram). These are perfect for your room, home, dorm, anything! 

On my shop, you'll see that I have mainly neutral colors and they're standard sized, but if you want a different color or size, I'll do everything in my power to see that you have what you want!

And here's the best part- they're only $15 each!

I think Monogram Meredith is more than just an Etsy shop selling monogrammed things. Because Monogram Meredith is the name of my blog, a way I choose to live, it stands for a little bit more than cotton t-shirts with your initials. Read here why I love monograms so much, and know that each shirt is made with love and a love for young entrepreneurs. A love for ideas and new things starting, which is why I love making and selling shirts so much! Know that when you purchase a Monogram Meredith product, you're promoting a caring lifestyle and one that's all for making big things happen for young people!

What do you think of the pillowcases?!

Today, I'm headed to a wedding to see my sweet cousin Sarah get married and can't wait to share photos from that, plus a link to a new favorite site! Also, check out my sweet friend's blog post and Instagram, belleoftheball45, where she styles her Monogram Meredith shop!!


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  1. YAYAYAYYAYYYYY! This is so exciting oh my goodness! I'm wearing my monogram shirt right now and I always get compliments on it (: best believe I name drop you, girl! Can't wait to get some other goodies!

    1. YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thanks girlie!!

      xoxo, Meredith


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