Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Okay, okay, I know I went crazy about it on Twitter... and Instagram... and Snapchat... and Vine, but this past weekend was absolutely insanely fun. I can't even get over it. With Friday being the 4th, and the country music festival on Saturday and Sunday, it just never stopped!

It started with the parade and festival in downtown Lexington with a few friends-- that were wearing their Monogram Meredith shirts!

I always love wearing this bow, and especially on this day!

Hey thanks to my sis for letting me borrow her water bottle (mine was misplaced) that happened to be patriotic as well. I mean, every day really should feel this good.

Then some other friends and I got all fancied up to go to her country club to watch fireworks and hang out and such. So nice to be with them and there be such nice weather!

Then, after other things kept popping up and the four of us realized we were absolutely starving but nothing would be open at 11:30 on the fourth of July, we went to where every starving teen goes- Waffle House, and it was one of my friend's first time there. Waffle House virgin no longer... she LOVED it (I think).

Such sweethearts I'm so happy to call my friends! And oh yeah, this day called for three outfit changes... BECAUSE FREEDOM! But really, here's the lowdown:
1- Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren // Shorts: Target
2- Dress: Forever 21 // Necklace: Instagram
3- Shirt: Rue 21 // Shorts: Target

Then, Saturday and Sunday were brought to you by a huge country music festival- Red, White, and Boom. My family went a few years ago and it was free then, and I got to meet Laura Bell Bundy, a Lexington native! Anyway, I wasn't going to get to go this year, but because of lots happening with our trip, I was lucky enough to attend! Now, I hate concert recaps on blogs, because it's like okay cool you had fun we all know that we didn't get to be there
so I uploaded all of my photos and videos of the acts to a different album that you can look at if you want to! Honestly, I hate recording things that I know I won't watch again, but I keep finding myself watching them over and over because everyone that performed was THAT INCREDIBLE.

Saturday, we got there early and it was good and warm, but we stood towards the front for the whole night. The whole entire night, meaning a good 8 hours on our feet. It hurt some, but it was so worth it. The two acts at the beginning that everyone at least knew were Lucy Hale and Jamie Lynn Spears. Yeah, I know, it's weird, but Lucy Hale was actually really cool, and Jamie Lynn Spears...ehhh... she was alright, but it was SO cool to see her. Like that's Zoey 101!! Also she incorporated 'Oops I Did it Again' into country song...

The first big act was Cole Swindell, which I only know a few songs by, but he got the crowd going and sang a few songs that weren't his, so I'd say that I'm a new fan.

Then there was a lot of standing with a lot of photo taking--

I guess this is a good point for my outfit details-- I copped this shirt right up at TJ Maxx the other day and was in love with the white on the bottom. It being so hot on Saturday, it was such a cool shirt and felt great! Then I wore black shorts (also TJ Maxx...sigh...) and white sandals (not sure from where) that aren't too interesting, but were perfect for RWB. And a bandana, no less... what else are you going to do at a fourth of July country concert? I know people say all girls wear them, but hear me out: they keep the hair (and sweat) out of your face and look cute and patriotic. Don't knock it until you've tried it had lots of hair in your face.

Then, the time we had all been waiting for, the last few acts with Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice! All of these acts had been incredible because even though we didn't know all of their songs, they sang several songs that weren't their own and got people pumped up. But when Jerrod Niemann sang Lover, Lover, goodness gracious it was amazing! So then Lee Brice came out and I had totally forgotten about all of the hit songs he has and he sang, and he sang them so well. He is one heck of a performer and the feels, MAN, the feels got to me on every song, with I Don't Dance, Hard To Love, I Drive Your Truck (I bawled during this one), A Woman Like You, Love Like Crazy, Friends We Won't Forget, See About A Girl, and plenty of others, but then he closed with Parking Lot Party. Somewhere in the middle of that though, Jerrod Niemann came out and sang a song with him, and guys, I was right up there at the gate. Where the microphone was set on the end of the stage, I was there! Jerrod Niemann came by and grabbed my hand twice and had a cup in his hand that he looked down and pretended to pour on me (SWOOON). And then Lee Brice was singing right over us, too, but he was too in the zone to lean down, so I touched his boot. I was fine with that.

We were as close to him as we could get. It was insane.

And then, as we were standing and getting ready for something at the very end, all hyped up on life and country music and in the moment, we got the security guard right at the gate to capture this for me-


We stood for so long, sweat so much, ate nothing, rubbed up against many sweaty people, and had things spilled on us, but it was easily one of the best nights. There's just something about people that love country music and everyone singing along...and agh... it was just so fun.

So then, naturally, we woke up and did it again.

On Sunday, we didn't go in right away and we didn't go to the front straight away, which made it a little better because we weren't standing the whole time. But I did get to see Sundy Best early on, and they were awesome! It was kind of funny though, because there were a lot of people with shirts on that said 'I Wanna Go Home', which sounds really depressing without the context of it being a song of theirs.

As much as I loved being up close, it was nice to stay towards the back and see so many people! Again, it always cracks me up when people ask, "Will this go on your blog?!" and I smile and say yes because my blog is my liiiiiiife. JK but not really. I love it.

Then, we ended up moving forward to see Dustin Lynch and Thomas Rhett (*heart eyes emoji*). I know I keep saying this, but again, BOTH were amazing! They had my whole heart. My very whole heart.

Thomas Rhett was a performer like no other. 

This may be the blurriest picture I've ever posted on here, but hang with me- THOMAS RHETT IS IN THIS. We were right by the gate and he came down and this is so blurry because I turned around and he was in our faces and touching our hands. AHHHHH. I don't ever freak out or crush on celebrities, but... just look at him. Just look up YouTube videos of him performing and then combine that with a huge, pumped up crowd to feed off of, and you've got a great night. Other acts were Eric Paslay, Parmalee, Chase Rice, and others. 

An absolutely perfect weekend, and I think this snapchat captures my pure bliss of the whole thing. 

FINGERS CROSSED for getting to go next year!!

How was your fourth of July weekend?!


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