Tuesday, June 17, 2014

White + Navy + BFF

Kirby is my best friend that'll text me some night and say "I have too much gossip to tell you. Can we go eat lunch tomorrow?" This has been our relationship for years (#NotGoingToTheSameSchoolProbz) and I've loved all of it.

And then, of course, we'll show up at said place and be wearing some sort of similar outfit, but hey, this is what friends telepathically do, right?

We live by the motto #NavyorNothing (thank you, Mackenzie Horan), though I have to admit she's more of a navy lover than me. Regardless, we were both rocking the white and navy look on a rainy Lexington day. And of course, my sweet Kirbs always does the best Monogram Meredith promo for me, in the navy gingham and white (and yellow)-- check out my Etsy shop listing with her in it!

She's looking so sweet in a J. Crew top, Francesa's skirt, and hot pink Hunters.

And I was wearing an old top from American Eagle, Target pants, and sandals (that I don't even remember buying).

Funny story about the pants: I always get asked where I bought them, but really, I snagged them from Target clearance for FIVE BUCKS in late October. "They probably won't ever be in style..." Target probably falsely thought. SUCKAS, I bought these cheap thinking I'd try them out come spring and I regret not buying four more pairs. 

So, sorry about your luck and that I have no idea where to buy pants like these now.

And if this outfit wasn't enough, we ended up matching once again in navy and white on a completely different day....


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