Monday, June 30, 2014

Senior Festivities

Hey guys-- wanted to say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the response that I got from yesterday's post! I always get nervous posting personal information that makes me feel vulnerable, but then I feel so rewarded when I hear from sweet people like you that read this blog. I was blown away by the messages I got on here, Twitter, and Tumblr that proved I'm not the only one that feels like that. Funny how we all pretty much have the same opinions on body image, but continue to feel judged by each other. Just some food for thought. *Ba duhh tshh*

ANYWAAAAY, considering that I never posted about end of the year life, I'm posting about it now. So enjoy.

Seniors do senior-y things, right? My senior class wins the awards for best senior pranks and fun. The last week of school was lots of fun, starting with a beach party in the parking lot-

And consequentially, the sand in my parking spot.

But I did win a senior superlative! This made me so incredibly happy, ya don't even know. My kids someday will ask me about whether or not I won a senior superlative, and I'll be able to dig up Google my blog and say, "Look what Mama did throughout high school! Aren't you proud?" And they'll roll their eyes and turn to whatever's cool and not some blog that their mom had about monograms.

We went to dinner with my Spanish teacher. Holy moly, this was so fun to finally hear what she really thought of us. 

 And we had a wedding. YEAH, A WEDDING. All the senior boys put together a wedding between two guys, and it was absolutely hilarious.

Remember in The Office finale when Michael shows up, and with only a few lines in the whole episode, says, "I feel like all my kids grew up... And then they married each other! Its every parents dream!"? Those were my feelings during this wedding.

Congrats to the happy couple!

I even got a few pictures with the lucky bride and groom!!! Framing these fo sho.

THIS IS THE FULL WEDDING! Please watch it. You won't regret it. And special thanks to Austin Gardner for putting it together!

And.... we took a lot of pictures at the end of the year...

My sweet Sloaney Baloney graduated from 5th grade! Hate to go all 'mom' on you, but I really do remember the day he was born (I was literally in the delivery room... I don't know why my mom thought it was okay for a 7 year old to be in the delivery room during the birth of my brother, but I guess I was just a very mature 7 year old) and he's my little baby. I mean, sometimes to the point where people get confused in public if he really is my son (I pass for way too old), and I can't believe he's going to middle school!

The last day of school is reserved for way too many selfies.

Watching my best friend graduate!

Yes, lots of outdated photos, but I couldn't post them all on Insta, am I right?



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